Free Eats and Supersets

Free food seems to be the thing as of late. I ain’t complaining!

Last night, my friend Nicole and I met up at Local on 8th Ave. We split a pitcher of sangria (the bartender told us it was the first batch he ever made and we determined that he definitely forgot the alcohol) and some spicy edamame. I had the fish tacos for an entree and Nicole got a crispy chicken sandwich. Anyhoo, after a few hours of sitting there chatting, we were approached by one of the waitresses who told us that some guy paid our tab. Some guy that we never even spoke to who just so happened to be sitting at the bar watching the hockey game. SO AWESOME. That totally made our night, so we opted to buy a round of drinks for ourselves, since we wouldn’t have anything to pay for otherwise!



This morning, my office offered a complimentary breakfast to kick off our United Way fundraising (omg you guys, they sent out an email of all the different events we will be doing in the office throughout the month, and one of them is a LIQUOR LOTTERY. I am totally participating.) I grabbed some of the fruit to save for a snack later in the day.



Then, my team was taken out to lunch at Moxie’s where I opted for the roasted beet and arugula salad with grilled chicken.



And to top it all off, I came home from work to a meal cooked my the husband!



I haven’t been hating my eats lately at all!

Now that I’ve recapped some food, it’s only fair I share my last workout:

This workout consisted of 4 pairs of supersets. The first exercise in each pair requires you to perform 12 reps, then 6 reps with a slow count on the contraction, 12 reps, and 6 reps with a slow count on the contraction. The second move is performed to max reps (as many as you can do). Then the superset is REPEATED before moving on to the next set.

Hopefully that explanation works, as I didn’t attempt to rewrite it in the graphic.



When I did this workout, I really challenged myself with the amount of weight I used, and I could REALLY feel it by the second set! It’s up to you if you want to decrease your weights on the second set, or if you want to take a quick rest between the 1st and 2nd round of each set.

Some helpful links for the moves listed above:


Ever had your tab picked up by a stranger? Did you pay it forward?

8 thoughts on “Free Eats and Supersets

  1. Sometimes when I’m drunk, I swear the bartender starts putting tonic instead of soda in my vodka-sodas. That’s pretty awesome some guy paid your tab! Love it when people are nice. Lately, I’ve been scoring free lattes from Davids Tea.

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