In My Microcosm

Having a newborn can really have you live in your own little microcosm. I feel like we’ve been in this bubble for the past few weeks and ‘real’ life has been put on hold. Except, this is ‘real’ life! We’re still adjusting to our new family dynamic. (And just when we think we’ve got it, he changes the game and we’ve got more to learn.)

Wes turned 6 weeks yesterday, so here’s to hoping he gets more on a schedule so that this mama doesn’t go all bat shit. PS: He’s now 12 pounds and solely on breastmilk. #FATBOY

In an effort to NOT always talk about my baby Note: I’m still in my baby microcosm, remember? So bear with me I wanted to chat about some of my favorite things lately!

1. Twizzlers


Gross, right? My mom bought some when they were here last month and I haven’t been able to stop eating it. I also found out (don’t ask how) that Layla is obsessed with it too. I’m not even going to mention the peanut butter Magnum ice cream bars…

2. Rocky Mountain Soap



My all-time favorites are the Cinnamon and Lemongrass soaps, but I recently bought the geranium soap (because it contained calendula) and I love how gentle it is on my skin. This is where I won’t mention that I’ve been buying products with calendula for Wes because one of the teachers from our childbirth class told us the benefits of the ingredient. Apparently, there’s no scientific proof on it so she couldn’t officially tell us so I won’t officially tell you about it. Google it. Anyhoo– I love it on my skin and I’ve found the baby cream with it has helped Wes’s hiney.

3. Sonoma Cider



Tyler and I are always on the hunt for new products at our local liquor store (have we really tried all of the beers/ciders in the walk in fridge? Yeah, just about.) and we recently came across Sonoma Cider. We’ve purchased the apple and the pear- both are pretty good and they’ve been nice to have a sip or two when Wes is sleeping (which is RARE y’all).

4. Giro Apeckx Cycling Shoes



Tyler bought these for me for Mother’s Day and I cannot WAIT to use them. The spin studio I go to uses these shoes, so I was pretty familiar with them already and I love the fit. I’m thinking of getting back into spin in the next couple of weeks..gotta take it easy you know– natural childbirth + narrow bike seats = no bueno.

5. Another You- Armin van Buuren ft. Mr. Probz

Music like this gets me all excited for summer. I’ve hardly been listening to music lately..NO TIME.. but I fully anticipate making playlists with this type of music in hopes of squeezing in some outdoor runs in the next few months. We. Shall. See.

What have you been loving lately?


Random post of just some of my latests.

Latest eats (all had at some point over the last week or so):



Left to right, top to bottom:

  • chopped southwest salad
  • portobello pizzas
  • chicken quesadillas
  • nachos
  • random plate from buffet at wedding we went to last weekend
  • turkey club

Latest workout:



I had a busy day on Saturday, so I needed to wake up early to squeeze in SOME kind of workout. Also, boo to my crappy gym for not opening until 8am on a Saturday..the ONE time I actually wanted to get to the gym early on a weekend. Anyways, I did three rounds of the above workout, with 10 reps of each exercise (10 on BOTH sides when necessary).

Needless to say, after getting through this workout, spending the rest of the day shopping, and the rest of the night dancing/in heels, my legs were DEFINITELY feeling it on Sunday. And maybe still feeling it now.

Latest music:



I had cardio on the agenda yesterday for my workout so I quickly downloaded a few of the latest songs to help power me through. Love them all, although Applause really helped when I was spinning and Royals just made me feel pretty badass.

Latest love:



Haha just kidding. I’ve loved this guys for a couple of years now.

What are some of your latests?

1-10 Friday

Happy Friday!

I have no cohesive post to write, so this random blurb of words is about to happen. Sit down, grab a drink and enjoy.

1. Yesterday I worked out. Hahahah DUH! I always work out. I went to the gym before noon (which hasn’t happened in a long time) and I ran on the treadmill for 40 minutes, then 10 minutes on the row machine. I counted the row machine as a strength workout because it kills the core, arms and legs. I intended on staying on the treadmill for an hour, but my legs were feeling heavy from the lower body workout the night before. 



I even tried foam rolling for about 30 minutes prior to working out, but it didn’t seem to help that much. Ah well.

2. I can’t believe I am about to type this, but I think I like having brown(er) hair. Perhaps that’s just winter talking. But I am actually getting ahead of myself and thinking that it would go best with my wedding dress. Ew, I’m thinking about that kinda stuff? Yuck. But seriously, I think it will.

3. Last night’s dinner was YUMMO. I made a lightened up version of chicken broccoli alfredo. Real quick, here’s what I did. 

  • Sliced 2 chicken breasts, cooked fully, set aside
  • Oil, garlic and crown of broccoli florets, sauteed and covered to steam until cooked to desire.
  • No Yoke pasta noodles, cooked according to directions.

That’s the easy part, now here’s the sauce.

1. In a saucepan, add 1 tbsp oil and 3 cloves minced garlic.

2. Add 1 cup low fat milk and 1/2 cup vegetable broth.

3. Slowly add 1 tbsp of flour to mixture at a time, stirring constantly to ensure there are no clumps. You should add about 5 tbsp of flour total. (Start using a whisk, damnit!)

4. Add 1/4 tsp salt and 1/4 tsp pepper, 1 tbsp pesto paste, and 1/4 cut grated parmesan cheese.

5. Keep stirring, lower heat.

6. Add chicken, broccoli and noodles. Stir. Eat.

7. I topped mine with sirarcha and loved it.


4. We are on to phase 2 of our beer making. I’m getting more excited for it.



5. I was watching Jersey Shore this morning and thought to myself about how sucky it would be if I were at one of those clubs when the cast was there and they referred to me as a grenade. Because honestly, a lot of those ‘grenades’ aren’t ugly, they’re just not guidettes or whatever. 

6. My recent downloads. Very alternative. And I actually listened to it while working out yesterday- and didn’t get bored! I suggest you try it.


7. This article hits home a bit. Part of the tragedy of moving so much.

8. I think cleaning the kitchen has finally surpassed making the bed as my least favorite household chore. 

9. I have realized that we almost NEVER get mail on Thursdays or Fridays. Super disheartening. That said, feel free to mail me letters, gifts, postcards, etc. 

10. Ok this post is stupid. SO, I am going to stop here, press Publish for some stupid reason, and go work out or something.

A Readable Read

My posts are boring. Because school is too consuming. If I am not sitting in front of my computer doing work, then I am cooking, sleeping, working out, or walking the dog. The end. The post can end here. But for the sake of entertainment, I will conjure up some readable reads.

My latest music downloads:

I went for a run yesterday and only listened to these 6 songs over and over. So basically what I’m trying to say is: yesterday I went for a long-ass run.

See this cute face?

She ate two meatballs off my dinner plate last night. For the TWO SECONDS I went to the front door to hoard all the Girl Guide cookies, she inhaled all the meaty goodness from my plate. And I was the one to get doubly punished. Not only did she eat my dinner, but she tooted something deadly all night. Pee-yeww.

Oh Girl Guide Cookies? Yes. They are awesome. Buy some.

I bought some fall-like goodies today.

That red stuff is eucalyptus. It smells crazy good. Go buy some of that, too.

Mini pumpkin!

I have been having some insane dreams lately.

And that’s just the tip of the iceburg.

So apparently, a lot of people haven’t been getting my Save the Dates. If you are my friend or in my family and didn’t get one, chances are you were invited. Canada Post, you suck. Sending those bitches to the States cost $1.05 each! Fuhhhhhh.

My favorite fitness move as of late involve the gliding discs. With one disk under your left foot, try 4 side lunges then 4 back lunges, then 4 side lunges with a 3-count pulse and 4 reverse lunges with a 3-count pulse. Then do the other side. For more advanced movers and shakers, try holding the weights and simultaneously doing bicep curls or hammer curls or lateral raises. You choose.

Oh, and this move with the bender ball


I have done these while holding (and twirling) one of the ropeless jump ropes in my ‘top’ hand while simultaneously crunching. Yep, it’s really hard. And yep, my abs look really awesome because of it.

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I am trying a new recipe tonight, so if all goes well, the recipe will be posted tomorrow. And if all goes horribly wrong, there’s a bottle of vodka in the cabinet that I might be good friends with.

This week’s eats and beats

Some of this week’s eats









This week’s music downloads:


That’s all for now. Talk to you later!