Let’s number it out

Hmmm, what shall I talk about today? Let’s number it out:

1. I watched last night’s episode of DWTS this am. Pam Anderson-NO; Apolo Ohno and Shawn Johnson- YES.

2. I brought my car in to get the hail damage repaired. Thank you Jesus it’s covered under insurance. So what rental car did they give me to replace my Hyundai Santa Fe? A Kia Rio. Yeah, not the same. It felt like I was sitting on the ground when I drove it back home. On the plus side, there is enough room for me to actually sit in it. Converse to my 1993 Kia Sephia from back in the day. (Her name was Sophie, in case you were wondering.)

3. I spent 6 AND A HALF HOURS doing homework for one of my classes today. Um, and I didn’t even get all the problems done. That’s just not right.

4. Because of the whole car and homework thing, I wasn’t able to get Layla out for a walk before it started raining. She’s not happy with me.

5. I seriously just had sauteed mushrooms and onions for dinner. That is all.

6. I am planning a PUB CRAWL in Calgary. Last time I checked, I haven’t been on a pub crawl since last November…when I went BY MYSELF. Do you want to talk about that? I don’t either. Anyhoo, I met up for drinks last week with a friend and we decided that a Saturday in October would be perfect to get our drink on…and on..and on. Are you near Calgary? You should probably come with.

7. In case you haven’t been alive in the past 20 hours, or don’t have facebook or twitter or internet or tv or friends..then I should probably tell you to Google the end of the Packers/Seahawks game last night. Crazy-insane or insane-crazy?!

8. Finally converted to flannel sheets for the winter. Ooh soo comfy.

9. This is TRUTH in my life:


8. I am addicted to using my Bender Ball, ropeless jump ropes and Gliders. Can’t tell you how it has helped changed up my workouts. Bad thing though, I need to buy new (heavier) weights. My 10s aren’t cutting it anymore. And I have maxed out on pushups and tricep dips. And the Y here is always infested with young guys using the machines, so that’s out of the question.

9. I’ve been in Calgary for 7 months now. Crazy how time flies..when you’re unemployed.

Add a number and tell ME something!

Recap of Yesterday

1. Well, yesterday was a great day. I sold a bunch of stuff for Tyler (makin’ money, y’all!), got my hair done (holy 6 inch roots. I’m not even kidding), had dairy queen, did the ol’ H-Dubs (homework), and got in a sweaty gym session. AND I got that Lulu gift card from Athena. AND I got a surprise bday package from my old bestie, Amy.

Now, let’s elaborate.

2. Who cares what I sold. I won! I won! I won! The money is mine! For further elaboration on my reaction to each sale, I URGE you to check out this clip:


(except, I didn’t die)

3. While I was out winning the money, I had a sudden urge to get my hair highlighted. I figured, I’m leaving for NY/Boston soon, and I don’t wanna look like a dumpster lady when I see all my family and friends. So, I quickly googled places in Calgary that were near me, and I called the first one- they had an appointment available right then- and I got quite possibly the best coloring.of.my.life. (No offense, mom. You did good, too). No pics yet because I haven’t even bothered to do it. I was in a hurry so I didn’t even have her dry it. Does anyone else do that? It saves a ton of $$ too.

4.OMG YOU GUYS, DAIRY QUEEN. I woke up with the craving. And it’s a craving that will not go away until my cookie jar blizzard is consumed. So how did I get it? I made a trade. I made chicken and veggies for Tyler for dinner: he buys me the dairy goodness.

5. Homework. I don’t even care to elaborate. I wrote about stuff. Lots of stuff. And read other stuff. Today, I have to read some more stuff, right about that stuff, and hope my group inputs other stuff. The end.

6. Is it logical to go workout after consuming Dairy Queen? No. Especially if you’re lactose intolerant. But I feel like an all-star yesterday, so I saddled up and got my hiney in the gym. Nothing super fancy, but enough to get my heart racing, palms (and other parts of my body) sweating, and blood pumping. I did sprint intervals on the tready, intervals of clean and presses/curls/rows with the bar and cardio tabatas, chest prest/skull crushers on the ball, jacknife/pikes on the ball, and medicine ball twists on the ball. Outta there in 40 minutes. As Antonio from Barter Kings would say, “Bah-Bam!”

7. I told you about the Lulu card yesterday, but I was even more surprised to get a big box in the mail from Amy. Amy and I were neighbors and best friends in High School. We drank Twisted Teas and Keystone Lights in my room, snuck out to parties, and got matching tattoos. (of what, you ask? A martini glass. Because that’s the cool thing 2-18 year old girls would get.) Anyways, she sent me some cool stuff:

Thanks so much, Amy!

Off to bootcamp!

Coming up: My response to ALL your requests from the last post. Get your comments in now!


Hi. I am super sore today. Like, holy hell DOMS.

I started yesterday’s workout with about 10 minutes of kickboxing, then I did Tina’s Burpee Blaster¬†workout.

I finished up with a few sets of single legged hammer curl/row combos and stability ball extensions. And some abs.

For my entire sweaty session, I listened to the FitFluential Radio Station on FitRadio. If you’ve never heard of FitRadio, I really encourage you to check it out. For my entire 60 minute workout, a continuous remix played and I loved every single minute. In fact, they even have remixes to music that’s not geared towards workouts. Right now I’m listening to the Between the Sheets station (it’s great, but I can’t help but giggle. Doing ‘it’ to remixed slow jams just seems like a bad Lifetime movie to me).


By the end, I looked g-ross

Then, it was homework time. If you didn’t know, I am STILL in grad school. I started a year after undergrad, but I was so busy with my full-time job, teaching at the Y, studying for my ACSM certified personal trainer exam, traveling, and LIFE that I am finally on my 3rd to last class. I decided to take my last elective (or as I like to call them: fun) class during the summer, so that come fall/winter, I will be miserable indoors not only because of the weather, but because I will be finishing up with Managerial Economics and Operations Management (as if I didn’t suffer through them already in undergrad! woof). Then: Masters Degree.

Hopefully around the same time, I will get my PR card here so that I can finally WORK. And because I’ll be all educated and whatnot, people will want to pay me MORE. (lots of caps in this post. gotta emphasize stuff)

Back to the homework bit.

I am frugal in my paper consumption, so I used the back side of my workout to take notes on the Freudian Personality Theory. Because that’s normal. Whatever, I got to write about marketing sports cars and fine chocolates.

On a different note. Tyler has been selling a lot of his stuff on Kijiji lately (for you American folk, that’s Canadian for Craigslist). Let me make a correction: Tyler posts the stuff, talks with people who are interested, then has ME do the dirty work of the actual exchange of goods. This morning, I sat on the front porch for 10 minutes while some guys inspected a paintball gun. I didn’t even know how much Tyler wanted for it. Good thing I’m awesome and made the sale at the right price.


I just checked my mail. And I got a card. From Athena. For my birthday. And look what was inside:

Pretty much the best gift this girl could ever get. Thanks so much, Athena!!!!

Now, I’m off to meet up with some guy to sell yet ANOTHER one of Tyler’s things. Oy.

***(I got my Foodie Pen Pal package yesterday and it’s AWESOME! But, I can’t post about it until July 31st. Stay tuned!)***

Question: Anyone have requests for an upcoming post? Anything you want me to write about? Otherwise, the next post might be an entire scene from Anchorman. I’m not kidding.