I’m pretty much Canadian now!

I really only have one thing to say……..



After a slow morning, a finished book, and a quick nap, I checked the mail only to find that I got my confirmation of permanent residency in Canada!!!!!! WHICH MEANS I have to drive to MT only to turn around and re-enter as a resident, then….I GET A JOB. As in….I CAN EARN MONEY. As in…I can buy more LULU!!!

But I jumped the gun in my excitement and ended up heading right to Lululemon anyways.



I have had my eye on this shirt ever since it was uploaded to the lulu website.



Jen is happy happy happy.

Nothing else I could type in this post would be as exciting, but I DO have a cool recipe to share with you tomorrow (I wanna eat it first to make sure it’s yumm-o enough to share).

Tyler and I have been having a good stroke of luck over the last week.

  • I won us 2 tickets to the Calgary Home & Garden Expo
  • Tyler took on some overtime work (basically just got paid to be on call)
  • We went to dinner on Saturday at The Rock and a stranger who sat at the opposite end of our table ended up paying our tab



  • Our wedding is pretty much squared away
  • See first picture 😉

Random Things

Yesterday, I managed to get Workout A done in Phase 4 of BBB (HOLY CANNOLI it was crazy intense!). I also did 100 burpees throughout the commercials of The Biggest Loser; however, halfway through the show, I realized the Y might close earlier due to the holiday, so I called and found they were in fact closing at 8. I had Tyler pause the episode (only did 60 burpees by that point), I buzzed over to the Y, and busted out an awesome ‘Building Sprints’ cardio session on the treadmill. Then I came back, finished the show, and finished my burpees. Boom!



Our walk on Family Day. We saw ducks



I am currently on the hunt for the best AND BRIGHTEST running shoes. I totally have to order them online though, because no store ever carries women’s shoes in size 11.5. Believe Me (and if they do, they’re usually super UGGGGGG-LAYYY)

I love these two jams as of late:

Sunflower butter is SO easy to make. Put sunflower seeds in a food processor and pulse (occassionally scraping down sides) for quite a few minutes. Once the seeds release their oils, it becomes smooth pretty quick. All natural and PERFECT for tons of recipes. Or to eat by the spoonful. I don’t judge.

Hey, remember when I was pimping Pv.Body- that monthly athletic wear subscription? Well, guess what. They have slightly changed. And I think it’s for the better. They have just come out with their own clothing line, Ellie. As a member, each month they release new items and you can choose one top and one bottom that you would like for your subscription. If you don’t like anything, you can opt to skip the month- for no fee or penalty. I’m still waiting for my first round of Ellie clothing to come in the mail so I can write up a little review for ya, and THEN I’ll provide a link where you can get a discount (20% off) on the subscription- remember, that discount will only be through my link!

What’s something you’re excited about this week?

This post has a little bit of everything.

I’ve been up since 4am. Involuntarily.

I thought I’d be able to sleep in a bit since I had a LONG day yesterday. Here’s what my Sunday looked like:

  • 6 am wakeup when dog started fidgeting and crying. Butt problems again, you know how it is. And obviously it would be a Sunday because that’s the one day my vet is closed so of course I had to go to the ER clinic and spend even more money on a routine procedure.


I’m sick of spending money on a routine anal expression, so I had the vet teach me how to do it. Luckily, my dog is totally comfortable with fingers up her butt because I REALLY practiced. 

  • Baked these brownies. I honestly had a little too much fun making them. And that’s probably why the scale registered a slightly higher number this morning.


  • Put Christmas away. 😦
  • Ran 32 minutes of intervals at the gym (didn’t want to do strength because TODAY is the first day of Best Body Bootcamp! And now that it’s Monday, I can tell you that I already did the day 1 workout. They consisted of pretty easy moves, except they were slow and controlled rep counts. I’ll let you know how THAT feels tomorrow). Oh, and the dog joined in on every move.



  • Made chicken salad sandwiches for dinner. Best part: it was on a Whole Wheat Farmers Loaf from Cobs Bread. Yummo.


  • And then I did a ton of other boring little things that don’t deserve a bullet point. The end.

Did you see my post from yesterday though about the special Pv.Body 30 Day challenge? You should check it out. *I* can save *you* 20% on awesome fitness gear. *You* with then thank *me*. Plus, if you sign up, you can join the challenge and win some sweet prizes.

Did you watch the premiere of Buck Wild last week? Because I did. What did I take away from that show? A ‘Holler’ is a place where you can holler to any and all of your neighbors and they’ll hear you. (a little red-necky if you ask me) Also, this song- LOVE IT.

I have also taken to this song as of late:

I always try to sound like her when I sing it. In my head, I’m spot on. In other people’s heads, I sound like a chicken.

Did you know that my wedding in is 6 months from yesterday? Also, my birthday is in 6 months from today. TO RECAP: The first week in July will be EPIC. My favorite holiday (4th of July, my wedding, AND my birthday within four days. Excitement cannot be contained.) 

Did you also know that I’m going back to the States this Sunday?




So far, my dance card is pretty empty, so get your requests in if you want to be graced by my presence (assuming I somewhat know you and you are in the Upstate NY area. I’m talking to you, silent high school classmate readers. Actually no, not you. But you will find my mother and I sitting at the bar at the 99 in the mall at some point in the next two weeks. Or me at the Y. One of the two.)

If you just did some math from the above paragraph, you will have concluded that today is my half birthday. Woo hoo 26.5!

I have decided to drive out to Banff on Wednesday. I will be on the lookout for bears, wolves, and moose. I might also buy some fudge, Lululemon, and a Canada sweatshirt while I’m there. (Haha, I totally just typo-ed it to read sweatshit)




Looking for a new deal site to add to your daily email? Honest to God, Rue LaLa is like my favorite site for deals- they have EVERYTHING. Sorry, Canada, they don’t deliver to you, so I suggest to chum up to an American friend or you set up a PO Box in your closest American town. Check that site out, yo.

Or you can check out Zulily. They ship to Canada. Pretty sweet.

Tell me something you did yesterday. Or Today. Or will do this week.

Observations, Pvbody update and a Workout

Observations at the gym

  • Wear shoes with laces. Keds never have been and never will be acceptable at appropriate gym attire.
  • Same goes with tank tops for guys. Especially if I can see your nipples.
  • Please don’t wear perfume/cologne. I don’t want to be on the bike and you walk by reeking of Abercrombie. But DO please wear deodorant. THAT can be scented.
  • The cardio and weight floor should not be immediately next to the cafe. Especially when smells of coffee and cookies are present.
  • Teen night is stupid. It allows teens to congregate around machines I need to use. And they’re probably infecting the machines (and each other)
  • There should be an appropriate distance between each individual in the stretch area. I do not need you to do squat holds 6 inches away from where I am doing core work. Especially if you have gas, which you probably do.
  • Please control your toddlers in the locker room. Also, you don’t get free reign in there just because you came in with babies.
  • Speaking of babies. I think going to the gym during normal business hours is really good birth control. I cringe when I see a room full of those brats in their Spiderman outfits with dirty hands and a screechy laugh.
  • I can see you when you flex in the mirror.

Perhaps those aren’t observations, but more like what annoys me. Anyhoo….

Now back to pv.body (yes, I’m pimping it again)


They started the new year with a 30 day challenge- and you can take part! Hint: THERE ARE PRIZES INVOLVED!

The pv.body 30 day challenge provides you with your own personal dietitian and trainer to help you meet your fitness and health goals. Everyday, our pv.body babes will be given a new challenge that they can share with friends! Challenges include workouts, recipes, meal plans, group activities and more!

You can update your progress through Pins, Tweets or Instagrams by using the hashtag: #pv30daychallenge

(In case you haven’t heard of pv.body yet- and I don’t know how you haven’t since it’s all over the blogging world- they are a monthly subscription service that send you one athletic/workout top and bottom each month. The best part is that they are high end quality brands that retail for significantly more than what you pay for the subscription- only $49! BUT, you can get 20% off that price if you sign up through me!)

Here’s how to take advantage:

1. Sign up here through my link and receive 20% off: 20% off through Nutcaseinpoint

2. Take the pv.body 30 Day Challenge here to kick start your New Year resolutions and receive tons of fun prizes: Challenge

(IMPORTANT: Please note that you will not receive the discount though the ‘Challenge’ link; you have to sign up through my link above to receive the 20% off.)

Not only am I going to write about what bugs me at the gym AND provide you with a sweet hookup for some awesome activewear and prizes, but I am also going to leave you with a sweet workout!


Cardio: your choice. Incorporate INTERVALS. >It’s only for 20 minutes< Go at a moderate intensity with rest periods, then shorten the rest periods and increase the intensity. Before you know it, you’ll be huffing and puffing, but you’ll be DONE.

Strength: Lately I have been concentrating my strength workouts to specific areas (upper body, lower body, core), but this workout will be a total body one. You’re welcome.

  • Single Leg deadlift (using body bar)
  • Standing hamstring extension (same leg)
  • Single Leg deadlift with overhead press and hamstring extension (building on the original moves)
  • Bosu ball weighted squats (I do these for the length of a song- incorporating different counts to change up the effectiveness of the move. For example: 4 count on the way down, 1 up; 8 count down and up, 2 count each way, etc…)

Go through set with other leg

  • Stability ball concentration curls (10) and half curls (to fatigue)
  • Overhead presses
  • Tricep Kickbacks
  • Arnold Presses

Go through set again with curls done on other arm

  • Plank up-downs with toes on bosu ball
  • Side plank hip dips
  • Single Arm over head press and reach with side knee crunch

Done 3 x thru

 Phew! All this fitness talk makes me want to go to the gym now! 😉

I’m back

I honestly just haven’t felt like blogging lately. Mostly because my posts would probably sound like every other blogger’s posts about winter or Christmas or presents or favorites from 2012, etc…but then when you take those topics out of the equation, I really have nothing to write about. Therein lies the dilemma.

If you follow me on Instagram, you pretty much get the idea of how life has been as of late. Lots of yummy eats, and even more adult beverages. In some sort of brief recap:

December 21st– We went to The Keg. Insert the best filet mignon meal ever. And a martini, of course.



December 22nd– Lunch at Smashburger



Christmas Eve- made pork tenderloin with broccoli, balsamic mushrooms, and 7 grain rice. And double chocolate cookies 😉




Christmas Day- Cinnamon Buns for breakfast. Ham, creamed corn, glazed carrots, and twice baked potatoes for dinner.




December 29th– Eggs Benny for breakfast. Homemade pizza for dins.




Ok, food pictures are over. Onto workout stuff.

Tyler got me some pretty effin sweet gifts this Christmas. Two of my ‘biggies’ were fitness related. TRX and a Nike+ Fuelband!



Tyler actually completely dumped my computer for me (so that it would run faster) and he downloaded the new software. It runs SO MUCH FASTER. Once that was done, I set up my Nike+ profile and slapped on the FuelBand right away to see how it worked. And I totally love it! It tracks my active time, distance, calories, and the Fuel I have earned for the day. So awesome.

And I broke out the TRX bands the other day to incorporate a pretty sweet full-body tabata workout. (I’ll post that workout soon!)



I signed up for Round 4 of Best Body Bootcamp! The sign up deadline is tomorrow and Bootcamp starts January 7th for 8 weeks (and it’s only $25!)


Layla tried to take part in all my at-home workouts.



I also got to the gym quite a few times for cardio sessions (spin/run)

And on a final note, Tyler booked my trip home! I leave for NY on January 13th for a couple weeks, and I’m super excited!

Ok wait, one more final note: Check out pv.body (if you haven’t already).


It’s the monthly mail subscription that assesses your fitness apparel likes and sends you one top and one bottom each month. They’re top name brands, and they generally retail for considerably more than what you pay for the subscription! If you sign up through me, via this link, you get 20% of the normal purchase price of $49. And you’re locked in at that price. I suggest you check it out… I have gotten a few of the boxes already and love the clothing! (Free returns.exchanges, too!)



What are some good eats you’ve had recently? 

What about workouts?!!


Pv.body. and stuff.

Insert proper Monday morning (ok, afternoon) greeting here.

For some reason, I had WAY too much P&V yesterday. I was running around the house, doing laundry, playing with the pup, and annoying Tyler. 

Oh, and BAKING. Love me some baking. And after a gallon of delicious Tim Horton’s coffee, I needed me some sugar and buttah. 

Then this happened.



It was super duper easy to make. I threw together a batch of brownies. For this baking endeavor, I used this recipe (including the attached recipe for frosting).

I then made a batch of chocolate chip cookies and took spoonfuls and placed them over the brownie mixture. Baked at 350 for 35 minutes. Topped with the frosting them a little holiday decor, and BAM



Insert 30 minute blogging intermission while I called people in NY to book hair and makeup for the w-e-d-d-i-n-g.

I got in a SWEET workout yesterday. 30 minutes of spin. It was SUPER sweaty and I’m pretty sure my face was beet red for at least hours.




This time it was slow cooked steak and sriracha-slaw mayo in corn tortillas. Yum.



Couple of things: I am currently watching the Bachelor Wedding that I taped last night. 1-800-CORNY. US Weekly will report their divorce in approx.  months. That’s just my guess.

Also, have you noticed that a ton of bloggers are having a day of no blogging in respect to the shootings in CT? But they POST that they’re not posting that day. Makes no sense. My guess is that the post still generates views which appeases their advertisers which still makes them money. Just a guess. Not trying to detract from the notion of remembering those lost last Friday (no trying to be disrespectful AT ALL!).

Don’t be mad at me for writing that. It’s just my opinion.

Oh hey, so today my pv.body order arrived this morning!



I specifically submitted in my style quiz that I like black crops and racerbacks, yet ended up with bright pants and a long sleeved top. I sent them an e-mail asking where the mixup was. Strangely though, I loved both pieces! I think the leggings will be worn more for casual wear rather than workouts, but the top is super thin and breathable and has thumbsleeves which is awesome.

Interested in signing up for this awesome monthly fitness wear subscription? Click here and you can get 20% of the price! You can cancel any time, and they honor exchanges if you get incorrect sizes. If you order, let me know! And, tell me what you think when you get your package!

Check out this 2012 Pop Music Mashup:

This is now in the crockpot:



I’ll talk about how delicious (I’m hoping it will be) tomorrow.

I totally just purged my entire email inbox. Feels really good.

I already pretend to be on a “sick day” when delivery people come to the door and I answer it at 1pm in my PJ’s.

Tyler has a SWEET ugly-ass christmas sweater that I can wear to said-themed party tomorrow.

I had another nightmare last night that made me sit up and scream in the middle of the night. It was a a combination of Survivor (did you watch the finale last night?!!) and my on-and-off sleep paralysis.

What’s your favorite piece of workout clothing? Favorite thing to make in the crockpot? Favorite thing about this post? Favorite thing about December?