3 likes and 2 not-so-likes

*caution: Survivor finale spoiler below!

1.) I love my new flip flops by Sanuk


…and omygosh are they comfy.

Tyler bought them for me because I didn’t bring any flippy floppies with me to Canada and I needed them. Badly.

He’s a good man. A really good man. I mean, these are a total upgrade from my usual Old Navy flips. These make me want to workout with every step I take. Seriously, I’m in love.

2.) My new SPIbelt!. I decided to go with the SPIbelt because I have read a lot of really positive reviews. Plus, it’s very minimal in size-a total plus since I plan on wearing this while teaching my outdoor bootcamp!

..and when I take Layla out for our long walks


3.) This license plate

Made me happy when I saw it!

Things I’m not loving:

1.) This beer:

Bud Light Lime Mojito? Gross. At first taste it’s like ‘yay! Lime!’ then all of a sudden it’s like ‘oh no, mint.’ And then your brain registers that it’s beer and NOT a cocktail. Then, you shudder. Lastly, you take the bottle to the sink and pour it down the drain. The end.

2.) Kim winning Survivor.

She bugs me like crazy. I mean, yeah she played the game awesome, but as a viewer I would have loved to see more of a twist towards the end. As the guys were getting voted off you just knew her dominate strength and mentality had the million bucks in the bag. Why not throw a poisonous spider in the tent and shake it up a bit? Just sayin’.

What are you loving/hating lately?

Fantastic Friday

Well hello there.

This Friday morning has been just as grand as Monday morning.

I got in a quick interval workout at home, watched The Pauly D Project, and took Layla for a hike at Nose Hill Park.

My glutes, quads and Hammies are super sore from yesterday’s burnin’ workout, but this hike really helped. It was a little chilly, but after a few minutes at a brisk pace, I was ready to peel off some layers. We saw lots of deer too. Actually, Layla didn’t…which is good because I would have probably lost my arm once she took off after them.

Another reason why today is good: I am now 5 days clean of sweets. Pretty awesome if you ask me. If I have a craving, I satisfy it with strawbs or mango…sweet, but not stick-to-your-hips sweet. Phew.

3rd reason: Im on my way downtown in a few minutes to get all my paperwork done for the Y then I am meeting with my Wednesday afternoon co-instructor and we are going through a mock workout. I have two different ones planned- we’ll see what she goes for!

4th: I really really really want a pair of these

Like, seriously, I really want them. Talk about a conversation starter.

5th: Since I will be teaching an outdoor bootcamp AND I have been out for long hikes and walks with Layla, I really want to get something that’s easy to carry all my necessities in (phone, keys, chapstick)

I can’t decide between a Spibelt or and Armpocket. Does anybody have either of these? Any input would be really appreciated!

Last, but not least, my new tunes for the week:

(Only two explicit songs! I’m so tame)

And on that note, I am going to whip up a smoothie and hit the road….Jack.