Thursday Thoughts

1. I thought I’d manage to blog before this, but no.
2. I need some Trader Joe’s chocolate chunks AND Click protein powder in my life. Anyone in the States want to be my foodie pen pal and we can ship each other things from our countries that no one else has and make our friends drool over them? If so, you know what I want in my first package. And cookie butter.
3. I almost died in yoga last night. I won’t go into gory deets, but there were several instances in class where I considered running out of the room. There were also several other instances where I swallowed my own vomit so as not to make a scene.
4. I need to hop back on the book-reading wagon. I have pics on my phone of several I’ve found at the bookstore I’d actually like to read. Too bad the only time I do have to read is pretty much on the train/bus, and lately I’ve been opting for cat naps during that time.
5. I’m considering cancelling my membership at my gym (not the one at my office- I already paid the year in full- a whopping $240!). Tyler mentioned since I hardly go to this gym (only use it for cardio equipment, really) it might be worth cancelling and using the funds towards spin/yoga passes. The yoga studio I go to also offers spin classes and the environment is exactly what I’ve been craving. A dark room, loud GOOD music, and energetic instructors. I’m just hoping my wallet doesn’t die from the expense.
6. I have been having SERIOUS digestion issues lately. Things I have to eliminate to alleviate bloat: oats, bananas, chia seeds, flax, greek yogurt, nuts/nut butter, cheese, eggs. I think I’m missing something because I still fick ick to the tenth power. Also, I shouldn’t be considered a ‘healthy living’ blogger if it means I can’t post about above mentioned food items.
7. I finally found some stuff from Lululemon that I absolutely COVET, but they’re only available in the US. Ummm, way to go, Canadian-based company. (It’s ok, I’ll be patient and wait for them to come back to the motherland).
8. All I want right now is a beer. That problem won’t help with #6.
9. I miss my gym friends. All their posts about gym get-togethers make me have a serious case of FOMO.
10. Babies. End rant right there because I could probably insert my foot in my mouth with that one. (Hint: I want them, I hate them, I can’t stand them on FB, but I want to squish them- in a good way. WTF is my problem?!)
11. Adding to EVERYONE ELSE’S complaints about this dang winter, I’m secretly dreading the warm weather because it means leg shaving and toenail polishing. Secret’s out.
12. Speaking of cold weather, there should be a hot smoothie invented to keep my belly warm during the winter. That would probably be REALLY gross though. Insert: coffee, tea, excessive amounts of hot yoga, forcing the dogs to sleep on/around me at all times.
13. I’ve successfully (probably not) worn stretchy pants to work every day for the last three weeks. I dont even bother to wear shirts/sweaters that cover my butt. If I put on enough mascara I think it lessens the offense, no?

Thursday Thoughts

1. I feel like this post could accidentally turn into one full of whining, and nobody likes a whiner, so I’m gonna paraphrase my woes just to get it over with (and to hopefully not touch on anyone’s nerves since they’re MY whines!) Here goes: facebook in general, the cleaning lady at my office gym, the Tuesday night yoga instructor, laundry, my recent eating habits, work. Phew, I feel better already.

2. So happy Amazing Race and Survivor are back- I love mentally checking out and watching *other* people get through mental and physical toughness. Twinnies are gone already though, womp womp.

Natalie & Nadiya


3. I’m pretty excited that this lady is moving closer to me!  We will be yoga/mountain/wine/food friends. She’s decorating the extra bedroom in her new place to my liking, so this just might work out. I’m re-reading MWF seeking BFF  to get myself ready.


4. My favorite Dogeared Karma necklace broke last week. (is that bad luck?!) SO SAD. CUE DRAMATIC AND DEPRESSING MUSIC. I wore that necklace every day for the last 2 years and only took it off on my wedding day. Now I’m reluctantly in the market for another gold necklace that’s good for everyday wear. Suggestions?


5. Whenever I give love to my dogs, I say weird things. Such wierd things include “I’m gonna eat your butt” “Hairy wiener love pup” (Reggie) “Vagine” (Layla) “Stinky patoon”. These are just a few of the many names I have. I also refer to Reggie as either Reginald or Renaldo. Layla is more commonly Laylando. Poor dogs.


6. The girl next to me in yoga last night actually complimented me after class on my standing bow. I BLUSH. I also want to hold hands with her and bring her everywhere because compliments are rare and nice and now I need her in my life. I almost really hope she doesnt read this because that could be totally awkward.

7. Bushman died! So sad. He was the best. In case you’re wondering who this bushman is, WELL…at Fisherman’s Wharf in SF there are a lot of street performers and homeless and whatnot. This guy’s gimmick was to sit on the corner, nestled between a cluster of those newspaper/flyer stands, with a ton of bushes (branches he was holding) to use as a disguise. Because it’s such a touristy area, masses of people would be crossing the street at once, and when they got to his corner, he would jump out and rustle the bushes and definitely scare a good percentage of people. It was hilarious. Unless you were the scared person, then you’d have to go to the nearest Micky D’s bathroom and check your pants.

That’s all I have to share today, folks. The end.