Thursday Thoughts

1. I feel like this post could accidentally turn into one full of whining, and nobody likes a whiner, so I’m gonna paraphrase my woes just to get it over with (and to hopefully not touch on anyone’s nerves since they’re MY whines!) Here goes: facebook in general, the cleaning lady at my office gym, the Tuesday night yoga instructor, laundry, my recent eating habits, work. Phew, I feel better already.

2. So happy Amazing Race and Survivor are back- I love mentally checking out and watching *other* people get through mental and physical toughness. Twinnies are gone already though, womp womp.

Natalie & Nadiya


3. I’m pretty excited that this lady is moving closer to me!  We will be yoga/mountain/wine/food friends. She’s decorating the extra bedroom in her new place to my liking, so this just might work out. I’m re-reading MWF seeking BFF  to get myself ready.


4. My favorite Dogeared Karma necklace broke last week. (is that bad luck?!) SO SAD. CUE DRAMATIC AND DEPRESSING MUSIC. I wore that necklace every day for the last 2 years and only took it off on my wedding day. Now I’m reluctantly in the market for another gold necklace that’s good for everyday wear. Suggestions?


5. Whenever I give love to my dogs, I say weird things. Such wierd things include “I’m gonna eat your butt” “Hairy wiener love pup” (Reggie) “Vagine” (Layla) “Stinky patoon”. These are just a few of the many names I have. I also refer to Reggie as either Reginald or Renaldo. Layla is more commonly Laylando. Poor dogs.


6. The girl next to me in yoga last night actually complimented me after class on my standing bow. I BLUSH. I also want to hold hands with her and bring her everywhere because compliments are rare and nice and now I need her in my life. I almost really hope she doesnt read this because that could be totally awkward.

7. Bushman died! So sad. He was the best. In case you’re wondering who this bushman is, WELL…at Fisherman’s Wharf in SF there are a lot of street performers and homeless and whatnot. This guy’s gimmick was to sit on the corner, nestled between a cluster of those newspaper/flyer stands, with a ton of bushes (branches he was holding) to use as a disguise. Because it’s such a touristy area, masses of people would be crossing the street at once, and when they got to his corner, he would jump out and rustle the bushes and definitely scare a good percentage of people. It was hilarious. Unless you were the scared person, then you’d have to go to the nearest Micky D’s bathroom and check your pants.

That’s all I have to share today, folks. The end.

Seven Steps to this Humpday

HHD, folks. (Happy Humpday for short.)

Jumping right into it, since I suck as smooth transitions, here we go:

1. Yesterday, I posted about my upper body workout. But I also did Tina’s total body circuit workout from Best Body Bootcamp. The best part about that workout? She had us do 6-8 reps of each exercise with a heavier weight immediately followed by using a lighter weight and performing the same exercise until fatigue. It’s totally a great way to change up your workout without really changing it. (I’m talking to you: people who think that doing bicep curls only will make you sexy.) Oh, and I did the workout in my family room, while my mom sat next to me, and we were watching the finale of Design Star All- Stars (neither of us saw a single episode of the season, so naturally it made sense to watch this. hear the sarcasm?)

2. Breakfast this morning was a little trip to Coffee Planet


Sorry about the butt shot, mom. I told you I was talking a pic, but you continued to walk right in.

And I had the world’s largest bagel.


Ok, ok, it’s actually an everything bagel, but I took the liberty of renaming it. I would be lying if I said this thing had zero carbs, but that’s what I told myself the whole 732 minutes it took me to eat it.

Those were probably two worst two sentences I have ever written in my life. I’m too lazy to hold the backspace key to make changes.

Mom had a hot chocolate that reminded me of Harry Potter


Anyone else think of the ‘ol HP??

3. I got my first pedicure since prom.


Mom took me since she had to get her nails filled. Thank God I shaved my legs last night. Oh, and apparently since my last pedicure, salons have had major upgrades. I’m talking about those massage chairs. UM WHAT?! Had I known I was gonna get a little back rub with my polish, I would have made it back sooner! HOWEVER. This massage chair was NOT what I was expecting.

Um, yeah. That part was awkward. Especially since it was a guy doing my nails and I was all “OOOooo my butt!” and then made a somewhat pleased expression. I cringe to think what HE was thinking.

4. I finally found the necklace I have been looking for forever!

It’s the Karma necklace from Dogeared.

“But wait!” you say, “If you are providing the link, why didn’t you just order it online if you wanted it so badly?”

Good question, readers. Good question.

I am no stranger to online purchases. But for some reason I wanted to actually see it and touch it and hold it before buying it. Because I am weird like that.

Basically what I’m saying is, I just didn’t think to buy in online.

I’ve also realized from this picture that I should probably make an appointment with a Dermatologist.

Anyhoo, I found this gem at Sterling & Company along with a few other goodies that I can’t post because they are gifts to some people who read this here itty bitty blog.

5. We visited my apple dumplings at Sutton’s. These are one of my top favorite foods that I would probably ask for these if I was on death row and had my last meal request. Well, that and Pyramid Apricot Ale. And In-n-Out. I am so having these on the dessert table at my wedding. Athena, I’ll be hiring you for a ‘morning-after-wedding’ workout.

6. We somehow made our way up to Lake George, and I managed to see a moose! And a bear!


I should have probably looked in the mirror before I left the house this morning. Ouch.

7. I have a 3.5 mile run still on my to-do list. As well as a bottle of wine. Let’s hope one gets done before the other.