Thursday Thoughts

1. I thought I’d manage to blog before this, but no.
2. I need some Trader Joe’s chocolate chunks AND Click protein powder in my life. Anyone in the States want to be my foodie pen pal and we can ship each other things from our countries that no one else has and make our friends drool over them? If so, you know what I want in my first package. And cookie butter.
3. I almost died in yoga last night. I won’t go into gory deets, but there were several instances in class where I considered running out of the room. There were also several other instances where I swallowed my own vomit so as not to make a scene.
4. I need to hop back on the book-reading wagon. I have pics on my phone of several I’ve found at the bookstore I’d actually like to read. Too bad the only time I do have to read is pretty much on the train/bus, and lately I’ve been opting for cat naps during that time.
5. I’m considering cancelling my membership at my gym (not the one at my office- I already paid the year in full- a whopping $240!). Tyler mentioned since I hardly go to this gym (only use it for cardio equipment, really) it might be worth cancelling and using the funds towards spin/yoga passes. The yoga studio I go to also offers spin classes and the environment is exactly what I’ve been craving. A dark room, loud GOOD music, and energetic instructors. I’m just hoping my wallet doesn’t die from the expense.
6. I have been having SERIOUS digestion issues lately. Things I have to eliminate to alleviate bloat: oats, bananas, chia seeds, flax, greek yogurt, nuts/nut butter, cheese, eggs. I think I’m missing something because I still fick ick to the tenth power. Also, I shouldn’t be considered a ‘healthy living’ blogger if it means I can’t post about above mentioned food items.
7. I finally found some stuff from Lululemon that I absolutely COVET, but they’re only available in the US. Ummm, way to go, Canadian-based company. (It’s ok, I’ll be patient and wait for them to come back to the motherland).
8. All I want right now is a beer. That problem won’t help with #6.
9. I miss my gym friends. All their posts about gym get-togethers make me have a serious case of FOMO.
10. Babies. End rant right there because I could probably insert my foot in my mouth with that one. (Hint: I want them, I hate them, I can’t stand them on FB, but I want to squish them- in a good way. WTF is my problem?!)
11. Adding to EVERYONE ELSE’S complaints about this dang winter, I’m secretly dreading the warm weather because it means leg shaving and toenail polishing. Secret’s out.
12. Speaking of cold weather, there should be a hot smoothie invented to keep my belly warm during the winter. That would probably be REALLY gross though. Insert: coffee, tea, excessive amounts of hot yoga, forcing the dogs to sleep on/around me at all times.
13. I’ve successfully (probably not) worn stretchy pants to work every day for the last three weeks. I dont even bother to wear shirts/sweaters that cover my butt. If I put on enough mascara I think it lessens the offense, no?

19 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. I want hot smoothies!!! I complain about this all of the time and my husband thinks I am insane, but I am totally with you! If only we could eat soup for breakfast! Also, gym girls miss you right back. 😦

  2. Fully AGREE with #10…minus working in a clinic where all you hear is crying babies after getting shots…-thanks but no thanks…best birth control ever!

  3. The official rule is, if your legs and butt are toned, you can wear a skirt as short as you like, stretchy pants as snug as you like. Mascara doesn’t come into it.

  4. In response to: 2. Maybe you can get stuff in Chicago next month? 7. There must be a lulu lemon in Chicago! 9. We miss you too but I’m excited to see you in a month! 10. Ugh. 12. I agree! 13. I’m glad I’m not the only one who does this! I can’t figure out if I just don’t find regular pants comfortable any more or if it’s because I’ve gained weight haha

    • I’ve gained weight as well and it’s just not comfy to sit in restricting jeans at a desk for 9 hours. Especially when I consume a ton of water and fruits/veggies during the weekdays which make me bloat even more! ps cant wait for next month!!

  5. I like this post:) I’m sorry about your digestion issues 😦 We miss you at our gym parties. What do you want from lulu?? I just got a gift card and am itching to spend it! I think it’s smart to cancel your gym membership… I’m a huge fan of indoor cycling classes and think it would be a great way for you to feel like you’re back in the gym class setting!

    • Here goes: I want the black camo wunder unders, milky way wunder unders, petite fleur after asana jacket, and beachscape multi cool racerback (to name a few). Im excited to get back into some good spinning!!

  6. You know, some of this post screams there maybe something in the oven but at the same time potentially not. This is like the year of babies – then again every year is the same – I could count probably on all my hands and feet the amount of babies i know being born this year. I should clarify that as the amount of digits on both my hands and feets. I also think the person who does hold the foodie pen pals should have a crossing the border one although I’m sure it would get way over the $15 mark.

    • Haha I just reread the post and you’re right, it could be. But I don’t think so unless I’m going to be one of those gals on TLC’s I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant. I’m still going to have a beer tonight though…;)

      PS: I hear ya on the amount of babies. I mostly want to jump on the train so more people dont have the opportunity of stealing my baby names! (two very close to us used the name this year which brought me to tears!)

  7. LOL @ stretchy pants to work. That is me all day everyday…dresses and leggings. It never gets old.

    I need to find a yoga studio with SPIN classes in it!! That’s like the perfect combo right there.

    • Yeah, I just need to find more long tops to wear with leggings that aren’t so expensive! But now that spring/summer is coming, I can bust out all my dresses! I miss wearing dresses!

      I hadn’t done spin at this studio yet because it’s just as expensive as the hot yoga and I already have access to 2 gyms with spin bikes, so I never saw the purpose. But now that I’m dropping a gym and I talked with the studio about the class format and such, I’m really excited to give it a go! I miss taking spin classes in the dark with GOOD music!

  8. Hey Jen! I’m one of those anonymous readers – I’ve read your blog for quite awhile but I don’t have a blog of my own. If you’re actually serious about the US/Canada food pal, let me know! I used to live in Toronto and some days I would give up a kidney for some Canadian chocolate, peanut butter, and anything PC/Blue menu from Loblaws! Sigh. I live outside of DC, which means I have a million Trader Joe’s around me. Shipping sucks between the US and Canada but we could probably make something work!

    Now I can’t stop thinking about Aero bars. Sigh, again.

    • Hi! And yes, I’m totally serious…the PC stuff is in Superstore as well, I think, since we don’t have Loblaw’s here. Maybe we can do every other month or so? I would have my mom send me stuff, but the closest TJ’s to her is about an hour away and she hardly goes that far..ever. Shoot me an email if you want and we can discuss! jennifer(dot)l(dot)linton(at)gmail(dot)com

  9. Lulu stuff that isn’t available in Canada? That doesn’t even make sense. Big fail on their part. I am jealous that you were able to wear stretchy pants that many days. It makes the work day SO much better.

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