Hey Kids

Hey kids.

Since I have no other volunteers for guest bloggers, this is really the extent of it for now.

Save the Dates arrived.

Wedding dress has been picked (first one I tried on. I am a good bride like that). (Also, this is NOT the dress I picked- this is the 2nd one I tried on though)

Caterer chosen (SO tasty).

Location officially scoped out (booked it 2 months ago sight unseen. again, another score for this lady).

And that’s all the wedding talk for now. Not gonna be one of those step-by-step wedding bloggers. Because no one cares, right?

4 thoughts on “Hey Kids

  1. 1. I would blog but no one would want to hear what I would have to say!
    2. I want to hear about all the wedding details that you are experiencing along the way!

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