Random Bits

I still love Fridays even though I don’t work. Same reason why I still hate Sundays.

Random bits:

I have been drinking sparkling water out of a wine glass all week. You bet I feel fancy.

Layla went into the river when I took her for a walk earlier. She is dumb.

I pulled the emergency stop cord on the treadmill last night. I went from 7.5 mph to 0 FAST. Such a bummer to have to start from 0 all over again.

I am officially addicted to Essie nailpolish. I saw an ad for a sale and went to the store for 3 more bottles.

Kysha’s baby is due today! She better have her, dang it.

Today is workout from home day. Usually when I workout at home, I do it barefoot. I kind of love it.

Speaking of barefoot, I used to have those Vibram shoes a few years ago when they FIRST came out. And I used to wear them running all the time. Until I broke my foot for the second time. Then they were retired to strictly using them when kayaking.

I saw somewhere on Instagram that there’s a bacon chocolate cupcake candle now. UM WHAT? Actually, I could just fry up some bacon and bake chocolate cupcakes simultaneously. More cost efficient since we can actually EAT it.

I can wait to go home to NY next month and hang out with mom and dad. AND SEE MY GIRLS IN BOSTON!

Last night, I looked at treadmills and spin bikes to buy. That might be happening soon. And I’m kind of so excited I could pee.

When I run, I always count out a 4-count on my right hand. People must think I’m crazy, but I think that’s the instructor side of me.

Awww, now I just thought of how I’m not teaching anymore. Tear.

I ordered our Christmas cards last night! Ooh, I’m so excited because they’re cute!

I just realized I don’t have a dresser for my clothes. Since I came to Canada with nothing, I guess that makes sense. Literally everything I own fits in our master closet. That’s sad, right?

Mom: Can you mail my North Face winter boots? I think I need them already. Thanks

I’m not voting this election. Is that terrible? I didn’t get my absentee thing in in time. Plus, I’m not sure what my technical state of residency is in the states. I still have a Massachusetts license, but all my mail goes to my parent’s house in NY. Hmmm

Do you know what came up in my homework today? The quadratic equation. OMG kill me now.

Santa, if you’re reading this, I’d like a grey Scuba hoodie.

I LOVE TO DANCE. Ok, let’s start a rant. Ready….GO. Since I moved here, and obviously not knowing that many people and living in suburbia and what not- I haven’t gotten into the scene of people who just bar hop and dance in clubs and get silly and maybe lose a scarf (well I did lose my coat 2 weeks ago…) I love losing my voice from singing all night, and waking up with mascara down my face because I was too drunk the night before to really get it all off. And I miss wearing sequins. And getting wristbands. I don’t miss paying covers though.

I think my personality is a combination of Penny from Happy Endings and Jess from New Girl. Can anyone back me up on this? I am socially awkward, funny, clumsy, cute(please agree with me on this one for my sanity), and I come up with fancy fake words.

Lately, I have been calling my dog “Bobby” The part that’s really strange is that she’s actually responding to it.

Tyler and I PVR a LOT of shows. One of them is Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Usually, when there’s nothing on TV, we will catch up on a few of his episodes. I’m sorry, but every time I watch him, all I can think of is this. And all I want to do is dance funny. Hahaha I actually always remember listening to this song Junior year of high school and my friend Jess and I would drive around our town blasting it. One time, I was driving my 1998 Toyota Corolla down the main street and Jess and I were singggggging it having a grand ol time, then Jess screams and points at what I thought was my side of the windshield. Turns out, a spider was making it’s way down from the ceiling almost reaching my face. As soon as I saw it, I threw my car in park and jumped out. Best part, I didn’t come to a complete stop before I put it in Park and the car kept rolling…with Jess screaming in it.

Hahaha, that’s probably only funny to me and Jess.

If I could shop at one store for the rest of my life, it would probably be Nordstroms.

In the States: Cinnabon. Canada: Cinnzeo. NOT.THE.SAME.

My pants problem used to be muffin top and crack shots. Now, it’s just puffy crotch. That might not make any sense to anyone.

I have a bag full of American money hidden in the house. Ok, before you contemplate robbing our house, it’s mostly pennies and nickels.


ok, that’s enough bits for now.