A post about nothing

I feel like I’m in a super huge rut right now. I don’t know why, but I don’t like it. But, I figured since I haven’t posted in a while, I might as well bust something out.

I have no pictures to show you either because I got the new iPhone 5 on Saturday. Apparently, the software in the phone is different than my Mac Book, so I would have to buy new software for my computer in order for my phone to be synced on it. So, long story short, I had to back up my old iPhone on Tyler’s computer instead, and start from scratch with this iPhone. I could put the software on my computer, but I am going to wait a couple more weeks for school to be over and clean out my computer, yadda yadda yadda.

Let’s talk about Tim Hortons. Um, yeah. I have been there a ton of times now, and they STILL can’t get my order right. Today I wanted a bagel with plain cream cheese and ended up getting some weird onion chive crap. And they put sugar in my coffee. Le sigh. They still win over the Starbucks nearby because they are super fast. This Starbucks employs people who are literally stuck in slow-mo.

Still looking for an armband for my ipod touch. It’s not the newest generation one, and none of the stores here seem to carry what I want. Or it’s super expensive. Suggestions welcome.

I built two fires this weekend.

This is my new favorite song. It’s even better watching the video:

Inner Monologue every weekday when I have nothing to do:

Hahah this girl did a Canadian version of My Drunk Kitchen. Watch, Enjoy, and Learn!

Blah, I have nothing to write about. I think I’m gonna go sit in the tub and download apps.