A treadmill workout! And music! And..well just read.

Here’s the treadmill work I did (2x through!) last night

3 minutes of running, 2 minutes of running, and 5 one-minute sprints with a minute walking between each interval, 2x.

Then, I somewhat followed Workout C from Best Body Bootcamp. I did three sets of 10 reps for each exercise; after each set, I did as many partial reps as I could (going halfway through the contraction). I didn’t move on to the next exercise until all sets (with partials) were completed.

  • Barbell squats on the bosu
  • Barbell side lunges on the bosu
  • Stability ball barbell chest presses
  • Stability ball barbell skull crushers
  • Barbell overhand grip standing row
  • Barbell underhand grip standing row

I also saw a celebrity look-a-like while I was at the gym. Brownie points if you know what this guy’s from:


So, all day I have been listening to this song:

And when the base kicks in, I can’t help but dance like this:

In other news, I’m on a medicine to supposedly fights infections (I feel fine, but my doctor gave it to me just in case). Side effect? No booze. For 10 days. I’m going to be a ball of fun this weekend. All homework and no fun makes Jen a dull girl.

Other ramblings:

-I went to Teavana for the first time today to try and find some peppermint tea. The girl working there was such a complete female dog- and I don’t mean this kinda female dog:

I mean THIS kind:


Never going back there again. Good thing I saw a DavidsTea place is opening up in the same mall.

-Hello, new best friend:


-Extreme Cougar Wives. Seriously? That was 60 minutes of my life I’d like back.

– I am going to invent washers and dryers that do their specified jobs for.the.same.length.of.time. I hate when I do a load of towels, then put them in the dryer, and put another load in the washer. Then, when the washer is done, the wet clothes have to sit and wait for the dang towels to get all fluffy and dry.

[Sidenote: We are covering the Theory of Constraints in one of my courses this week, and they gave that exact ‘problem.’ Smart people of the world, why have you not fixed this yet?!]

– Is it just me, or does anyone else think that Abby from The Amazing Race looks like the actress, Kim Raver? (from Revolution,



No? Ok, I’ll shut up then.

– I saw a commercial today for a new Words With Friends board game. Last time I checked, it was Scrabble.

-Other songs that have made it into this week’s weekly rotation:

Random, I know.

Now, after having a dinner that has resulted in pesto burps, I must be off to the gym!