Friday ‘Fings (instead of ‘things’. Haha get it? Ok, nevermind)

So it’s official, my masters came in the mail yesterday. I also got a separate diploma for my certificate in marketing.

Not too shabby. Although, it does make me wonder how employers look into the credibility of these- do they just take my word for it that I hauled ass for an extra 4 years (and $30,000)?

Recapping yesterday:
-I ran errands with my mom
-I did a 40 minute treadmill interval
-I went to the local watering hole for a few hours (and managed to ONLY drink H2O!)

This morning I woke up feeling like crap. Couldn’t blame it on booze since I had none. Methinks it was all the second hand smoke. As a matter or fact, I can still taste/feel that nasty stuff in my lungs. I chose to make a hearty batch of whole wheat pancakes topped with Nutella to go with my daily POT of coffee.

I totally forgot how much the altitude plays a part in baking and cooking! My pancakes in Calgary are usually supah dupah flufftastic, but these (same recipe) were flat as a pancake. I guess that’s pretty appropriate.

I only put about 2 tbsp of the chocolatey goodness on the stack, and they tasted like CAKE. yum.


After an indulgent (but healthy- minus the Nutella) breakfast, I headed over to the mall to get some staples. 2 shirts from JCPenney’s and some FRS chews that we’re on sale sale sale.




I wasn’t hungry at all by the time my parents opted to go out for lunch, but I accompanied them since it was at a local brewery whose beer I had yet to try. No brainer there.
Anyways, Cooper’s Cave is just around the corner from home, so we zipped on over. I saw the special for 6 5oz samples of their home brew (only $10!). Here’s what I had to choose from:

I got the top 6. All were tasty except the Red Ale. Not my cuppa-tea AT ALL.

I also decided to get a house salad so that my lunch was not strictly liquid. There were SO many yummy things in the menu, but I just wasn’t hungry. I can’t wait to go back there again before I leave so I can take advantage of some other goodies!


Tonight’s workout was Workout C with cardio intervals courtesy of Best Body Bootcamp. I took this opportunity to run up and down the stairs for each 5 minute cardio blast. Talk about a A) perfect way to annoy your parents when they’re trying to watch tv, and B) great way to change it up from the typical jumping jacks, jump rope, yadda yadda.

So here’s a funny story: (WARNING: it’s not a funny story at all) my mom gave me a nice belly button ring for Christmas like 8 years ago. About two years ago, the stone fell out. Me, being the lazy bum that I am, left the ring in *sans stone* and with twisted prongs. It wasn’t until I came home this past week that she got me another ring to replace the nasty one.

I guess what I’m trying to say is Thanks Mom.

I am currently in my jams watching everything that’s being aired on Bravo, since we don’t get that network in Calgary. I am entirely too addicted.


12 thoughts on “Friday ‘Fings (instead of ‘things’. Haha get it? Ok, nevermind)

  1. Such a random post πŸ™‚ Love the shirts you got. And the tomato placement on your salad is so random. I used to have my belly button pierced, but got sick of it so I took it out. Still have my nose ring though πŸ™‚

  2. Looks like a great trip home so far. Your pancakes looked too good. I like your purchases too. Still jealous you can just pop over to Target if you wanted too. πŸ˜‰

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