Thought I’d talk a little bit today about my Food, Fitness and Fashion favorites as of late. 


Protein, obviously. I think I need to scale it back a bit because I have been experiencing some digestive issues, but that’s a whole other discussion.

-Fruit. I can’t get enough berries in my everyday eats. Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and grapefruits have been my favorites. Especially when I can get a ton of the berries from Costco on the cheap. And- these suckers:




Specifically the Sundia brand not only because they have consistent quality, but because they also come with a collapsable spork!

-Red Peppers. Raw. So sweet, and they go with everything.


Haha, well that’s kind of a joke. I haven’t bought new clothes in ages because I don’t really wear clothes. Let me rephrase: I don’t really wear real clothes. I tend to stick with workout clothes and bangaround jammies. I guess I can still tell you things I’ve been eyeing lately.

-Colored jeans.




Dude, I have been searching high and low for pairs of colored jeans that not only FIT right, but also FIT my budget. The ones I have come across so far that are within my budget are so ill-fitting it’s ridiculous. I am not the only almost-6-foot lady with hips and a butt. C’mon retailers!

-Big watches.


Yeah, I managed to snag one from Target when I was home in January!

Essie nail polish. 




Of course, this brand comes with a slightly higher price tag than most others, but it is completely worth it! The polish doesn’t bubble or stay tacky for long and it perfectly coats each nail. And they have tons of colors. And I need more….





Just a TINY drop combed through hair after washing, and it gives you silky, smooth, rich-smelling hair. I have gone through TONS of different products over the years, and this is BY FAR the best I’ve come across that helps manage my frizzy nasty head of hair.


Let’s be serious, I could post 203597203957203957209 things regarding fitness that I love. I mean, it’s pretty much my life. But, for the sake of you actually reading this post, I will limit my recent favorites to just a few.



It can be incorporated in just about EVERY type of workout. I use it to change up my regular strength moves, AND I get some cardio in when introducing plyometrics, the bands, and my own body weight. It’s pretty fantastic. And if you haven’t heard of DOMS, you will know it after doing TRX.

Gliding Discs.


Similar to how I use my TRX bands, I use these discs to change up my regular strength moves. I could do lunges till the cows come home, but use a disc- and I will reach fatigue much faster (because I have to use more muscle strength to slide the disc to its destination and back to its starting position. Sure, you can use paper plates, but these are sturdy. I even threw them in my suitcase for my last trip home because they took up no space!

Best Body Bootcamp.


Yup, I’ve been linking to this for ages now- because I really love it. Tina outlines every workout- giving modifications and substitutions. Round 5 sign up starts soon, so take a look! It’s only $25 for 8 weeks of workouts- and there are cash prizes and a great online community and support system throughout the process.

-Running Shoes. I have been really going back and forth as to which running shoes will be my next purchase. I have heard some great things about Mizuno (and it’s coming from distance runners! If they like the shoe for 20+ miles, I’m betting I’ll like them for my 4 mile runs.)


I’ve narrowed it down to the Wave Rider 16s (on the left) and the Elixir 8s (on the right). Help!- not just for the color choice, but for the comfort/durability/etc. of each shoe.


That’s all for now!

Tell me: What are your recent favorites in fashion, fitness or food??

4 thoughts on “Fx4

  1. Where is the fourth F??? I am also loving BBB lately and I’m thinking I definitely want to sign up again. I’ve actually been enjoying some of my elliptical sessions, which is something I wasn’t doing for a long time until starting BBB. I may also get back into Spinning this week.

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