Thoughts While Working Out: March 5, 2013

Thoughts While Working Out: March 5, 2013

  1. Do I waddle when I walk? People always stare at me when I first walk in the gym.
  2. OMG they NEED to put a curtain or something around the scale in the locker room. Naked lady overload.
  3. Why must the women suffer by having to walk through all the snow/sludge/wet spots since the locker room is downstairs and the mens locker room AND gym floor are upstairs? #sexist
  4. I think I’ll do 10 minutes spin THEN row THEN run.
  5. I am already sore from the deck of cards workout I just did at home. I hope I can get through 30 minutes of cardio.
  6. Oh Shit. Do we have BBQ sauce to go with our dinner tonight? I think I’ll risk it- I don’t want to go back to the store.
  7. Baggy crotch on the bike. How annoying.
  8. The Following is a pretty good show.
  9. Jax Teller.
  10. Did I seriously record that TLC show Myrtle Manor? Yes, yes I did,
  11. I kind of want to drink tonight. I can because I’m unemployed and I might as well enjoy this time off while I have it. But people will judge me. If I tweet something about it, I know at least one person out there is going to sigh and think “ugh, what a lucky alcoholic”- actually, that’s a compliment(?)
  12. I miss my friends. How have I been here an entire year and still not made friends like those I have back home?
  13. I hope guys don’t want to watch me wiping down each machine I use because that’s pretty perverted- especially when I’m cleaning the handlebars.
  15. I hope I get a job soon.
  16. Camel toe when using the row machine.
  17. Why does 10 minutes on the row machine feel longer than 10 minutes on the bike? Physics? Probably not.
  18. I’m pretty excited to go to Costco this weekend. Debating whether or not to buy the economy pack of their version of cookie butter. I mean, there is some serious baking potential with that stuff.
  19. Isn’t eating paleo a little more calorie-dense? Almond and coconut flour..
  20. Oh, it’s Tuesday? I thought it was totally Wednesday.
  21. I think this couple walking the indoor track is taking approximately 47 seconds per lap. Crap, Jen, don’t think about that! It’ll make the 10 minutes go by even slower.
  22. Do I look jacked using the row machine? Probably not.
  23. The guy on the treadmill in front of me was totally next to me on the treadmills yesterday. And he had GAS.
  24. Speaking of foul smells, is my dog here or something? I think I swallowed someone’s burp-air or something.
  25. Should I run the entire 10 minutes or do sprint intervals? Hmmmm…..
  26. I hope I have a text message or something on my phone when I’m done. I am way too dependent on social media though.
  27. WHY DO WE HAVE A DIFFERENT MAIL PERSON EVERYDAY??? Inconsistency at its finest.
  28. People must think I have a circulation problem. (I removed my navy nail polish this morning, but the essence of blue is still on my nails)
  29. I’mg glad I planned out my workouts for this week. It totally helps bridge the gap until the next round of Best Body Bootcamp.
  30. Haha, Lisa Vanderpump’s dog name is Jiggy.
  31. Hey, this run is way easier than I thought it was going to be today. But my glutes are tight!
  32. “Shine bright like a diamond……..”
  33. Phew. Glad I ordered the wedding invitations today. They look so pretty. I wonder how many people will actually come. Ugh I hope I still fit into my dress. I hope people have fun.
  34. How many calories did I burn?
  35. That guy looks constipated carrying those weights.
  36. Phew! Done!

So I had about 36 thoughts during a 30 minute cardio session. 36 thoughts that I can SHARE. Bwahaha

13 thoughts on “Thoughts While Working Out: March 5, 2013

    • They are the cycling bikes…you either clip in with special shoes or strap your sneakers in (the wheel on these bikes is 35 lb plate that you ‘pedal’ rather than a regular bike that generates air. You can change the resistance to really make it your own workout!

  1. Don’t know why but it is hard to make friends in these Canadian cities – we are supposedly really friendly but I think we are clique-y too or too busy, who know!

  2. Going through your thoughts at the gym was hilarious! What is it with people being naked at the gym?! I can’t handle it. Modesty, people. Get some. And smelling other people’s gas is the worst!

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