Exercise and Eats: Week of 5/6

Happy Cinco de Mayo, all! I am currently slurping the tail-end of my first mug-a-rita of the day, and about to blend another as soon as I finish this post. Just wanted to check in with my exercise and eats for the week, per usual. Here goes:

Last week’s eats:

Monday: Portobello Pizzas These were seriously delicious and filling. They are SUPER easy to make, too!



Tuesday: Quinoa ‘Fried’ Rice Um yeah, I eyeballed the ingredients for this recipe, and either I wasn’t hungry or I did a terrible eye-balling job, because I barely picked at this. Tyler took the leftovers to work the next day and said it was even better! Score for him 🙂



Wednesday: Chicken and Avocado Baked Burritos I found this recipe from I Wash You Dry and they were SO yummy. I highly recommend making these!



Thursday: Broccoli Salad I absolutely CANNOT stand raw broccoli, but when it is made in this salad, I honestly can’t get enough. So good. It’s generally a side dish, but I made a big batch and we ended up being satisfied with just a bowl full of this stuff each.



Friday: Homemade Pizza! I was originally planning on making noodle bowls, but when Friday rolled around, I wasn’t in the mood AND I had leftover dough in the freezer. It was super quick and easy to make and even more delicious. I really love having pizza on Fridays with Tyler and the pups around.



On tap for next week: (Oh man, Tyler and I actually thought this week’s menu up TOGETHER and I am really excited for what we each plan on making!!!)

  • Monday: Avocado Egg Salad Sandwiches
  • Tuesday: Crab cakes
  • Wednesday: Spicy Black Bean Burgers
  • Thursday: Kale Pesto Pasta
  • Friday: Fish Tacos

**Note: There are TWO dinners with seafood. Yes, this is crazy since I HATE seafood, but I am really trying to incorporate some here and there.

Ok, now on to the exercise. I think this past week went pretty well. Let’s take a look:

Sun, 4/28: 1 hour hike with Tyler and the pups, full body strength/cardio at home DONE

Mon, 4/29: Best Body Bootcamp Strength Workout A, 30 min run, 10 min row DONE

Tues, 4/30: 60 min run 40 min spin, 20 min row DONE


Wed, 5/1: BBB Strength Workout B, 20-20-20 (spin, row run) 30 min run DONE


Thurs, 5/2: 30 min spin, ab tabatas 20 min spin DONE

Fri, 5/3: BBB Strength Workout C, 30 min run, 10 min row DONE


 Now, on tap for this week:
Sun, 5/5: Walk with the pups, TRX circuits
Mon, 5/6: Best Body Bootcamp Strength Workout A, 30 min run
Tues, 5/7: 40 min spin, 20 min row
Wed, 5/8: BBB Strength Workout B, 20-20-20 cardio
Thurs, 5/9: 60 min run
Fri, 5/10: BBB Strength Workout C
Sat, 5/11: HIKE!!!!!!
NOW…time for that next margarita (and steak dinner 🙂 )
Question: Tried any new recipes lately? Favorite workout?? I wanna know!