Monday Moves #5

The weather has just been amazing here the past few days. I have tried to soak up more than my fair share of the rays- and so far, have been pretty darn successful. Taking the pups to the park or for a walk without having to first put on a jacket is just awesome. And driving with the windows down. Ahh, yes.

But before I continue to keep speaking of the glorious weather- and leave my computer to get more rays before the sun sets- I have to post some exercise moves! Yet another three for you this week:

1. Gliding Jackknife 

5.6 MM1

-If you don’t have gliding discs, paper plates are just as effective (an cheaper!)

-One foot on each disc, starting in plank position. Contract core muscles to bring the discs up under your chest, then return to start position.

2. Single Leg Wall Squat with Hammer Curl

5.6 MM2


-Start with the ball behind your back (with the ball against the wall). Hold the weights at your side.

– Lower into a squat while simultaneously doing a hammer curl. The more advanced option is to perform the squat with one leg (see middle picture above).  Watch placement of knees and toes, make sure back is straight through entire move.

3.  Rear Deltoid Raise on Ball

5.6 MM3

– Lay on the ball, stabilizing yourself with your feet (knees up)

– With bent elbows at your side, squeeze your deltoids to bring your elbows up to shoulder height. Bring back to starting position.


Ok, that’s all I have for now…wordpress has been acting up so I wanted to make sure to get this published asap!

Question: What’s a move you’ve been loving lately??