Eats & Exercise

Hey guys. Tyler still hasn’t been able to go into work yet..which makes this a 5-day weekend for him so far. It’s so weird to live in a city where there is so much flooding (i.e.: ‘devastation’ but I hate using that word) yet not be affected by it at all. Well, minus having Tyler in the house for a few extra days. 

On to some of last week’s eats:

Monday: BLTs



Tuesday: BBQ Chicken & roasted veggies



Wednesday: Clubhouse Turkey Burgers (recipe can be found here. And ohmygosh are they GOOOOOOOOD burgers!)



Thursday: Portobello Pizzas. Holy heck, the picture makes it look like they’re oozing with cheese! Trust me, they were not. Otherwise my stomach would have murdered me.



Friday: Tacos



Last Week’s Workouts:



  • Tuesday: 20 min run, 10 min spin, Baptiste Vinyasa Hot Yoga



  • Wednesday: Best Body Bootcamp Strength Workout B,Traditional Hot Yoga, 15 min run, 10 min spin



  • Thursday: Traditional Hot Yoga



  • Friday: Traditional Hot Yoga. I know this might sound weird, but I actually felt my hips open up during this class. I have no idea how to describe the feeling other than that it felt as if I could control my hips and actually move them away from the center of my body. Now if only my knees would loosen up…
  • Saturday: Active Rest
  • Sunday: Off

So Saturday we were out and about running errands (aka: Looking for Tyler’s outfit for the wedding. You can tell how serious we are about this wedding since we waited until 2 weeks before to do this!) When we came home, Reggie had successfully pooped, peed, and got into the mud room closet and shred his bag of food…but he didn’t break the plastic barrier, so he got none of the food. I always wonder if Layla just stares at him while he’s doing all these naughty things. I decided to take pictures of both of them once we got home (and reprimanded Reggie) yet somehow, both dogs look like they were guilty parties. Let me remind you, Reggie was the ONLY guilty party in this incident.



One of our errands was to actually purchase new plastic bins for both types of dog food, so we completely cleaned out the mud room closet and got those bad boys in there.

There was actually SUN on SUNday, so I laid out on the patio until the clouds reappeared. I think the puppies were just excited for the sunshine.


6 thoughts on “Eats & Exercise

  1. I will be making those burgers! I have been craving Turkey burgers!! It is odd to be in a city that is such a mess and everything around me being ok…I am back at work today and it took over 1.5 hours to get here. Boo.

  2. Yum! I want all those meals! I want tacos!

    Oh are you ever brave leaving Tyler’s wedding outfit to the last minute!

    Maybe Layla was egging Reggie on and that’s why she looks guilty?

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