Eats and Exercise: 7/2

Hey guys. The last week and a half have been pretty crazy. Ok, well not really, but they were definitely not routine. Tyler had been home the whole time (his office downtown was still closed from the flood. ps: he just told me he got evacuated already this morning since the power shut off) so meals and sleep patterns and everything has been just a bit off. Except my workouts- I kept those pretty normal. I didn’t take to many dinner pics since it was actually HOT and more often than not, we would pick at stuff in the fridge rather than actually cook a meal. But here’s what I did manage to get:

7.2 dinner


7.2 dinner2


7.2 dinner3


7.2 dinner4

Workouts last week looked like this:

  • Sunday: OFF
  • Monday: Hot Yoga (Traditional), Athlete’s Workout from Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises, 20 min cardio
  • Tuesday: Hot Yoga (BV), Wedding Prep Workout from WH, 30 min cardio
  • Wednesday: Hot Yoga (Union), Strength Workout from WH, 20 min cardio
  • Thursday: Hot Yoga (Traditional)
  • Friday: Hot Yoga (Traditional)
  • Saturday: Workout (Pictured below), 10 min cardio, Another circuit workout focusing on hamstrings and bi/tris.
  • Sunday: Hot Yoga (BV)

7.2 workouts


I didn’t do any of the Best Body Bootcamp workouts last week because I was mostly focusing on my last week of Hot Yoga (from my monthly unlimited pass) and I really wanted to try other strength workouts before the wedding.

Oddly enough, lately I have been considering getting into heavy lifting. I have found the DB’s I use are just feeling too easy in a lot of my exercises. Only problem is that I EASILY bulk up when I lift heavy. Hmm…

Yesterday was yet another hot day, so I really didn’t have the drive to get a workout done while the sun was still up. Plus, my gym was closed anyway for Canada Day, so I knew I had the luxury of completing a home workout at whatever time I wanted. SOOOOOOOO, at 10:30 last night, after the sun FINALLY went down, I managed to bust through a pretty good workout.

I have written the exercises below, but to further explain: There are 6 exercises and 6 cardio moves. I performed 10 reps of the first exercise (on each side when necessary), then did 30 seconds of its corresponding cardio. Repeat this 3 times, then move on to the next move/cardio combo. Hope that makes sense.

7.2 workouts2


In other news, I dropped the kiddos off at the boarders this am. And now I am sad because the house is so darn quiet. I miss those idiots so much already.

7.2 dogs


Time to pack.

What have you been up to lately?

3 thoughts on “Eats and Exercise: 7/2

  1. I’m so excited for you!!!! Wedding time!! YAY!!!! Awe I am sure the house is really quiet! I hate it without Cruz. I pretty much want to eat your posts and do all your hard workouts!!

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