I’m starting to become a fan of picture-less posts. Because 1.) They’re easier, and 2.) Instagram.

Let’s talk stats:

2: number of years I’ve been in Canada
35023895: number of beers I want to drink right now (STOP judging me. I live a life of balance and am not an addict. I just really enjoy beer. I know what some of you are thinking, and take your judgy judginess elsewhere. Also, my mentions of alcoholic beverages don’t outweigh your baby-related things, so there.) PS- that was to no one in particular, just making a joke. Although…it sorta rings true?
16: number of pounds I’ve gained since December 2012. (most muscle?!)
0: number of shits I give
7: number of hours of sleep I get every night
18: number of cookies I actually get out of a recipe that says it makes 3 dozen
1.25: number of edible looking red bell peppers at Safeway on a Sunday night. I need to rethink my weekly shopping strategy
5: dollars required to purchase ONE kombucha at said grocery store
19: number of weeks until our HONEYMOON. I know, I know, we’ve been married forever and have opted out of a tropical honeymoon in favor of a new kitchen. SO- we are heading to Seattle in the ‘stang then looping back up through Okanagan Valley. If you’re keen on any of those areas, then you’ll notice that it’s basically going to be a drinkingmoon. Again, don’t judge.
69: number of nailpolishes I have lined up neatly in my bathroom closet. 68 is you count that one of them is a duplicate (Essie’s Watermelon..whoops!)
50: AT LEAST the number of flat irons I’ve gone through so far in my life. East coast humidity + curly thick hair = total destruction.
1594: number of kilometers on my car
990.4: above number converted to miles
70 million: number of licks Reggie gives to Tyler. EVERY.DAMN.DAY.
7: number of licks I get from both dogs combined. In a week.
32: number of books downloaded on my iPhone
3: number of people making out on the train home yesterday. Yes, 3. An uneven number. Ahhhhhh the horror.

Tell me some of your numbers!

10 thoughts on “Stats

  1. 1: bottles of wine I will/may drink tonight
    2: servings of eggplant parm casserole I will eat for dinner
    9: hours of sleep I hope to get tonight
    15: hours till kickboxing with Monique tomorrow am
    43: degrees is tomorrow’s high temp
    60: mins till dinners ready
    75: mins in hot yoga tonight

    Time to tend to the eggplant…that was fun! 🙂

  2. What a fun post – I’m a little creeped out by that last one but whatever!! Fun to have a new car with so few miles!!!
    And, I’m with you on the beer (or wine or…..) but for some reason I thought that giving up alcohol for Lent would be a good idea!!!

  3. This is kind of funny!!

    That’s a lot of nail polish! Even funnier that you counted!

    Mmmm enjoy your drinkingmoon!! Last time we went to the Okanagan I was pregnant so no drinking for me. Bad planning on that one but the hubby sure enjoyed having a DD for every vineyard!

    The new kitchen is going to be so worth foregoing the tropical vacay.

    That’s a little disturbing about the people making out on the train. Could have done without that mental picture.

  4. Fun post!!

    105: the amount of weight I squatted today at the gym
    7: the number of weddings we’re invited to this year
    3: the number of weddings that either Tim or I are in
    7: how many items are on my food prep list for tonight
    836493762: the number of people annoying me at work lately
    33: days until Chicago!

  5. Have fun in the Okanagan! One of my favourite places to vacation 🙂 So many great wineries. We are headed out there in May for a weekend.
    I don’t even know what to say about the people on the C train…….

  6. OMG I love this.

    Can I have your nail polish collection and envy the number of books on your iPad (I need some recs!) And thank you for the beer/baby comment (Beer me a baby? No.), it does ring true.

    And how fun about your trip, I can’t wait to hear all about it. BF and I keep saying we are going to head up there for a trip but nothing planned yet. Sucks.

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