Hashtag Married People

What do you do on a Saturday when you’re married homeowners? You go to Home Depot and Ikea and visit cabinet/granite showrooms and discuss measurements and pricing and color options.


photo 1


So that’s what we did. And it was fun slash exhausting slash time consuming. I won’t bore you with the details. We wrapped up the excursion with beer/dinner at our favorite local spot then headed home to remove the popcorn ceilings, another wall, and some (formally) important beams. Yippee.

photo 2

Sunday consisted of a failed run to the dump (not open on Sundays in March), grocery shopping for the week, my car’s first trip to the car wash, hot yoga, and laundry. Hashtag superfunday. We ended the day with some homemade pizza, Walking Dead, and True Detectives, and then I had indigestion and terrible dreams. Woop for the weekend, y’all.

photo 3

5 thoughts on “Hashtag Married People

  1. That’s if you’re in a new house. Or are bored with the old one. There are rules about this. It will cost more than you think. It will take longer than you think. Renos are the biggest stressor in a relationship. Good luck.

  2. Haha so true- we were at ikea on Saturday and hubby went to Home Depot on Sunday! Our trips weren’t nearly as exciting as yours!

  3. Nothing wrong with this! Some of our best dates end up getting a smoothie then wondering around Target on a Friday night and in bed by 10pm. True, lame but I’m happy with it. After all, Target doesn’t demand that I wear uncomfortable clothes and heels like if we were really gonna paint the town red.

  4. Whenever I see the hashtag, it reminds me when Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake did that skit where they hashtagged with their hands. But we are totally that hashtag married couple, but ours is more so Costco as hubby thinks they are god.

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