You know how…

You know how certain foods/places/songs/smells can remind you of other things?

You know how when people are about to tell you of something that reminds them of something else and they preface it with the same sentence above?

Well, I have a lot of those and I thought I’d share. Plus, I’m not-so-secretly interested to hear what some of your associations are! (Just so I know I’m not too too crazy). Here goes:

Whenever I blow my nose, I think of:


Whenever I sneeze, I think of:



Whenever I hear I Love It When You Call Me Big Poppa I think about the skanky girls doing their skanky moves at freshman/sophomore dances in high school.


(source) —> also, HOLY CRAP. The link where I snagged this photo is a pretty embarrassing thing. And I went to that school! The shame.

Whenever I hear I’m Too Sexy, I think of how loudly I can laugh in Athena’s class.



Whenever I smell tar, I think of summers living in California.



Whenever I wash the cheese grater, I think of the mouse from Ratatouille.



Whenever I think of Disneyland, I think of the Goofy hat I lost on Space Mountain



Whenever I think of Colorado, I think of the dude ranch my parents I and went to for vacation. (but BEER is slowly starting to take over that one).



Whenever I smell cinnamon buns, I think of my childhood dream of opening a cinnamon bun shop and calling it TJ’s. (hmm…weird?)



Whenever I see those smelly markers, I think of the boy from 1st grade names Matthew who used to draw all over himself with them. Mostly just on his nose because he was smelling them.



Whenever I see a calzone on a menu, I think of the COUNTLESS Buff Nasties I consumed in college (to those of you who weren’t priviledged with attending St. Anselm College- there was a pub on campus that made the most amazing buffalo chicken calzones ON EARTH. And if you are there, you might be in the company of monks. Because they ran the school. Not kidding.)



Whenever I see those weird licorice candy things, I think of grandparents. Not mine, just grandparents in general.



Whenever I see Lindsay Lohan, I think of The Parent Trap and not the multiple jail stints (lucky me)



Whenever I crave a grilled cheese, I think of Bob’s Big Boy.



Whenever I hear the Beach Boys, I think of Full House.



Tell me some of yours!

3 thoughts on “You know how…

  1. I would want to know how blowing your nose reminds you of Abe Lincoln! The brand of “Nice” cookies reminds me of grandparents that and puff mints – my grandma always had those and all the grandkids would steal them until she just started not buying them anymore.

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