Jibber Jabber

1. Friday afternoon, I took my lunch break a little late and headed over to Starbucks to enjoy a coffee, cookie and some phone time with my dad. We were about 20 minutes into our conversation, when all of a sudden the phone beeped and cut us off. I called him back and he said that my mom just pulled in the driveway (in his car) so his bluetooth kicked in and my mom didn’t know what the noise was, so she disconnected us. After he handed the phone to my mom when she came in, my dad then left (in his car) and AGAIN the blue tooth connected,  and over me/my mom’s conversation, we could hear ‘Wrap it up ladies, I’m turning the car on and I’m leaving!”

photo 1

So basically, that was the funniest thing ever and not even remotely close to chuckle-worthy when retelling the story. Oh well.

2. I am now OBSESSED with Rise Kombucha. It is infinitely better in taste than the other stuff…and it’s Canadian made! Cool beans. If you ever come across a bottle, TRY IT. Not only are the flavors yum yum x100, but the culture schtuff isn’t as disgusting to ingest like in other bottles. So far I’ve had: blueberry  maple, lemongrass, and mint chlorophyll (NOT borophyll. ahahahah I crack myself up. Adam Sandler reference used at its finest)



3. I watched a marathon of Courtney Loves Dallas yesterday afternoon. What did I learn? I learned that I should have used my Sunday afternoon doing just about anything else. I also realized how unfashionable I am and that I do not buy clothes at all anymore. I also learned that I don’t ever want botox, to be single again, or to constantly reference everything in relation to ‘my blog.’ (Seriously, does anyone watch this and hear how many times she talks about her blog?! I guess I can’t hate that much..she DID get her own TV show). Also, I now read her blog.



4. Anchorman 2: I LIVED off the first movie, DIED when I heard a sequel was going to be made, and have now made 2 attempts to watch at home and just can’t get into it. I hope I’m not losing my comedic appreciation. Must be all the Downton Abbey in my Netflix queue.



5. I met up with a friend after work on Friday and managed to be responsible enough to leave at a reasonable hour so that I could still take the train/bus home. I unknowingly timed it PERFECTLY, because my bus had just pulled up as soon as the train pulled into the station. I was so giddy I think I skipped the whole way over…only to see the bus driver had fallen asleep in his seat. So I knocked and knocked. And knocked. And he finally woke to open the door. No sooner did I get in a find my seat, there was another passenger knocking on the door- and the driver has already fell back asleep! The good news is: he stayed alert the entire drive home. The bad news is: if I were to tweet this to Calgary Transit, I don’t think they’d give two hoots. Also, during said meet-up, I drank a Japanese beer.


6. MAJOR DILEMMA: Calgary Beerfest of Banff Food and Wine Fest? I shall give pros and cons to each and allow you to help me decide.






  • It’s beer.
  • And I love beer.
  • And I think I’ve tried every thing there is to offer in Calgary.
  • So this would help me find some other stuff I might like.
  • And it’ll be an easy commute just off the train.


  • Admission is $19 plus the cost of tickets used to sample beers.
  • If I find a beer I like, chances are it won’t be something available regularly, which is kind of what I want.

Banff Wine and Food Fest (May 31)


  • Wine AND food.
  • In Banff. In the FAIRMONT.
  • A lot of these wines may be available for immediate purchase and may be more accessible for future purchase.
  • It’s interesting to talk with smaller vineyards/producers since we may our own wine and can learn a lot!


  • $24/ticket Plus tasting tickets.
  • Farther from home, so $$ for gas and the overnight trip.

ORRR WAIT: there’s a third option. Since these are both in May, I can just forego the events and celebrate Cinco de Mayo with my Margaritaville machine at home. Much more cost efficient AND I don’t have to put on a bra!

Honorable Mentions (meaning: things I want to tell you, but not in paragraph form)

  1. I have been eating a crap ton of avocados lately.
  2. Reggie pulled a muscle in his leg this weekend.
  3. We picked our appliances, flooring, and backsplash this weekend.
  4. I made my phone last ALL DAY on Saturday with only 28% battery power.
  5. I have Friday off this week and plan on having an uber ‘me’ day.

Do you have any honorable mentions from the weekend? (Feel free to write a whole paragraph if you want!)

11 thoughts on “Jibber Jabber

  1. Now beer I don’t care about but you know I love me some kombucha!

    Was never a fan of the show but I do love some of Courtney’s clothes. I actually liked her better on that Most Eligible Dallas show. I wish they would bring it back. ahh mindless television. I love it.

  2. HaHa – the blue tooth thing is funny because that kind of thing happens to us – it’s great to have except when it’s a pain!!!
    I would go with the Food & Wine but really I would pick both because….However, now that the weather is getting nice we will probably do the same -bust out the margarativille machine and have friends out on the deck!!!

  3. I laughed at the story too, so the funniness did come out! I’ve never heard of this Courtney character, but I think fashion is whatever you want it to be – I know I will never be the best dressed and I plain ole don’t care!

  4. ah ah I follow Courtney’s blog, I love her style but find the blog lacking in ….anything other then pictures of her. hmmmm I’d say if you’re going to be able to purchase WINE on the spot…do that…at least you get something more out of the cost of getting there, plus it could be a fun little getaway?

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