Weekend Recap

Friday- all I really did was take naps. Since I could barely move, I figured that sounded like a pretty good itinerary. I mean, I’ve earned it?


Damn right I worked hard. I pride myself on being super fast and efficient in my tasks and feel slightly bummed that I had to abruptly hand over my duties to my not-yet-ready replacement. Can’t worry about that now!!

Saturday- I got up at the crack of dawn and baked banana bread (using this recipe). Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out as well as my last loaf, but it’s nothing that a good slather of pb/nutella/butter can’t fix!


Tyler and I then had our second childbirth class at the hospital. There’s a ton of good info, but I HATE hospitals, so I just get a bit of anxiety thinking about being hooked up to a bunch of crap and well…just being in the hospital in general. I’m hoping that everything is smooth sailing so we can get in and out of there as quickly as possible.

Best part of the class: the instructor is HILARIOUS. She’s a retired OB from Argentina who is not afraid to make the men in class feel as awkward as possible. And I love it.

We finished off the day with a great steak dinner at home and watched Exodus in 3D with our snazzy glasses. It was trippy being able to watch a 3D movie at home on such a large screen.ย The movie was good but not too thrilling since my Catholic education pretty much gave away the ending. (that’s supposed to be funny.)


Sunday: I met my friend Susie for brunch at Nellie’s in Kensington (decided to get out of the house for a bit before the pain really kicked in for the day). All I really wanted was the bacon. But I managed to eat the eggs and fruit too. Hashtag healthy.


And I sold my very first thing on Kijiji! What a sad accomplishment. But in all honesty, I never really had anything worth selling since I moved to Calgary with none of my things except for a potion of my clothes. But, I managed to sell my monthly transit pass pretty quickly (hey, it’s $99/mo and I only used it for a couple days!)

The rest of the day was filled with laundry and laying around the house…while Tyler did a ton of household chores AND installed the car seat!

Here’s to hoping the coming week is slightly more exciting (doubtful!)

How was your weekend? Best thing you did?

11 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. That’s awesome you can watch 3D movies at home! So glad you have a good instructor, our was kinda blah so it made the classes the same way.

  2. I love banana bread, and now am craving it! I never went to any childbirth classes, the thought alone scared me! But being in the hospital was actually ok, I thought I would hate it since I had never been admitted into one or had any kind of surgery before.
    Enjoy your week and rest that back ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I made banana bread this weekend too. Had a craving.

    I never took childbirth classes. I figured since I hired a doula, she could tell me whatever I needed to know. Glad your instructor is awesome. I would love seeing the men squirm

  4. The banana bread looks delicious! Do you find your back pain gets worse as the day goes on from being upright?

    • I’ve been switching between standing/reclining/laying and the pain totally gets worse as the day goes on. My hips start to lock up and mobility drastically decreases. Alternating hot/cold compress as well!

      • That sounds awful ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I really hope it gets better either before you deliver or immediately after.

  5. Mmmm banana bread. Looks much better than the yucky heathy muffins I made that no one wants to touch!

    I can’t remember- have you seen a chiro for your hip/back pain? Sounds horrible!

    I loved my prenatal classes. We never had a hospital tour. Hospitals make me squeamish too. You forget though ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • I don’t know for sure but I’ve had great success with chiro for muscle imbalance. It might be worth a shot, if you are in that much pain. My chiro is very gentle, no cracking or scary stuff. She saw me through my pregnancy and she adjusts my kids regularly.

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