Cucumber Fruit Smoothie

Sounds kinda gross, right? But when you really want to sneak in some extra veggies (especially after a carb-filled weekend) what better way than in a smoothie?

photo 2-35

Ah if only the background of the above picture alluded to the chance of alcohol being included. Amiright?


PS: that background is actually one of a set of napkins my godmother made for me a while back. I LOVE them. I need to have a cocktail party some time so I can bring them out again.

Ok, back to the smoothie. I didn’t really measure out the ingredients, but I wanted to keep it on the smaller side so I could also enjoy a slice of banana bread. Because of that, the frozen fruit I used didn’t so much make it your typical smoothie consistency, but more of a juice. Still, totally ok with that because it’s healthy and that’s what I need on a Monday morning. Don’t remind me that I accompanied my glass with the totally not healthy banana bread. Whatever, BALANCE.

photo 1-35

Cucumber Fruit Smoothie

  • Cucumber (I used about 1/3 of a super long english cuke)
  • Frozen pineapple chunks (small handful)
  • Frozen blueberries (small handful)
  • Plain greek yogurt (2 spoonfuls)
  • OJ (enough to cover about half the goodies in the blender)

Pretty basic, right? Note: If you’re not a huge cucumber fan, I probably wouldn’t recommend this as the cucumber taste is still pretty evident. Here’s the part where I’d normally tell you that this drink would be a great way to kick start the new work week. But, since I’m not going to work, I can attest that this smoothie did help me power through 3 episodes of Scandal. So that’s something.


I fully anticipate repeating this smoothie throughout the summer when it’s hot/if I potentially need to lose baby weight (just won’t have it with the banana bread!) Plus, it’s a pretty neat change up from the typical addition of spinach or kale as the hidden veggie..especially when you don’t have either of those in your fridge.

photo 3-28

What’s your favorite way to sneak veggies? Have a fave smoothie recipe?

8 thoughts on “Cucumber Fruit Smoothie

  1. i need to start making smoothies. my boyfriend gave me his old blender when he got a vitamix and I even bought a HUGE bag of frozen fruit at BJs. but I have yet to make one. they always look and taste so good though!

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