Five Favorites

Just thought I’d pop in today and share some things I have been loving lately. And of course, feel free to share in the comments what YOU’VE been loving lately, because I will probably check them out and end up loving them too. Unless you’re loving seafood or Glee or country music then fat chance.

1. Kerastase Elixir Ultime


This stuff is amazing. I put a few drops in my hair after I wash it and not only does it smell DIVINE (think of the glorious salon/expensive smell) but it makes me hair soft and light when I style it. Which is rare these days, but I will still throw some in before I go to bed because the smell honestly just makes me feel sexy. It’s a bit pricy ($54 CAD) but it last forever and well worth it. Several of the other products I rotate through are also a bit on the pricy side but they too have been in my hair regiment for a long time!

2. Smoothies


In previous years, I loved making smoothies (mostly ones that included protein powder) but I had the crappiest blender ever. When we reno’d our kitchen, the blender kind of when kaput, so my smoothie consumption drastically went down. Unless I felt like shelling out $7 bucks at Jugo Juice. BUT- this year, I finally decided to splurge on a Vitamix..using some of the money I got from my work bonus! Holy moly is that machine the most amazing thing ever. It blends anything and everything like a charm. Tyler and I have both been loving smoothies lately because they are quick and tasty and cheap! We can use not-so-good looking fruit we have leftover and stock up on a ton of frozen fruit from Costco. I’m excited to try out more recipes this summer! Oh, and I’ve given up on Nutella for a bit, but if you’re still on that wagon, check out this YUMMY Nutella Milkshake recipe.

3. Whimzees dog treats.


Ok, obviously this one isn’t for me but the dogs go NUTSO over them. We generally only give these types of ‘big’ treats to them on Friday and Saturday nights and ones we’ve bought in the past have either not agreed with the pup’s tummies or Reggie gobbles them up faster than you can blink. Which is unfortunate, because you’d hope they’d last at least a few minutes when you’re spending upwards of $20/bag on them! Reggie gets the hedgehogs and Layla get the alligators and both dogs love them- I think it even helps with Layla’s mouth troubles! (both dogs have each had a tooth removed but Layla also has a lot of nerve damage on the left side of her mouth making it hard for her to chew).

4. Behr Marquee paint


Do I sound grown up for listing PAINT as a favorite? But seriously, this paint is great. Here’s why: Our house was built in 1981 and I’m guessing there have been quite a few previous owners- most of whom had terrible taste in decor. Paint colors included. When I moved in 3 years ago, most of the house was a weird dark brown/mauve color and totally barfy. We tried to lighten up the dining room and living room a few years back, and it took us 3-4 coats of crappy paint to just cover the yucky brown. When we did the basement this winter, we decided to give Marquee a go because of the one-coat guarantee and it covered the basement’s dark green like a charm! We were so impressed that we bought another can to do the guest bedroom, another for the baby’s room, and are now currently working on covering up our previous poor paint job in the main living space/kitchen. The paint line comes with a slightly higher price tag, but it DOES work in one coat which could really make it more cost efficient in the end.

5. Home Workout Equipment

photo 1-36

Right now, my arsenal includes:

  • bosu ball
  • rope less jump rope
  • gliding discs
  • resistance bands
  • TRX
  • dumbbells
  • bender ball
  • stability ball
  • DVDs

Since I haven’t had a gym membership at all this calendar year (gasp) it has been really great being able to alternate between what I do have here at home. Sidebar: I can’t wait until after this baby is born to join the Y again!!! Obviously my workouts and far less intense while pregnant, but it is really nice to be able to grab a few weights or a band and do SOMETHING while I’m watching TV.

Regarding pregnancy DVD workouts: I bought the Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project, the Complete Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga & Short Forms, and the Prenatal Fitness Fix.


-I’ve only done the Prenatal Fitness Fix once because I thought it was a really cheesy video and could honestly come up with the series of moves myself.

-I’ve done the vinyasa yoga DVDs quite a few times because it is a nice change up from typical workouts, plus it offers 15/30/45/75 minute practices depending on how much time or desire you have!

-I’d like to say that I love the Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project series, but that would be a lie. She has some great moves that actually target all those muscles that might be hard to otherwise reach during pregnancy, but I really just can’t stand her teaching method. Her explanations, banter, and demonstrations just bug the bejesus out of me. And you can tell when she gets tired because her rep counts are very inconsistent. Tyler laughs when I do these DVDs because I yell at her a lot.

So that’s it!

I’ve covered, beauty, food, dogs, home and fitness. Only topic left untouched is baby- which will come tomorrow! (the topic, not the baby).

14 thoughts on “Five Favorites

  1. Love this post! I will have to check out those treats and see if Cruz can eat them. She is allergic to stuff. They have hedgehogs and I love hedgehogs. You have lots of equipment. I really want the TRX system at home. I liked the Pregnancy Project a lot but I would mute it and put music on cause she drives me bananas.

  2. Behr Marquee is amazing. The extra like $9 is worth not having to do another coat. I HATE painting so it makes my life so much easier. Right now we’re picking out a color to paint our doors. We’re going against the grain and not doing white. Thinking a dark grey and then have to repaint our crappy paint job in the kitchen that we didnt use Marquee for.

  3. Where did you get the hair stuff from? I’m a hair product junky as I have such thick and coarse hair. I used the Behr as well and it’s so worth the money! Makes painting much easier and faster. Does the Y by you have child care?

  4. We love our vitamix. We don’t use it a lot lot, but regular enough that I’m glad we have it. Nothing like a smoothie on a hot day.
    Now a guy comment. Maybe it will get a lot of eye rolls, but whatever. The two of them have a clearly pregnant woman on the front. So far so good. But the third? She could be pregnant, I guess, but she doesn’t really look it. Lots of women with “regular womanly” figures have a bit of a tummy that would show exactly like her tucking her hand under. I’m not sure why she’s wearing just a bra, either. The market isn’t guys.
    And you never know, baby might come tomorrow. Just because your doctors have a schedule doesn’t mean baby does.

  5. Does that hair product make your hair greasy?? I have lots of hair, but it’s thin so I have to be careful with product, but I could definitely use something to add some shine and softness! Ugh, post-pregnancy hair, don’t get too excited about it! 😉

    Do all the Y’s in Calgary have child care? I let my gym membership lapse during my pregnancy as I was in too much pain to workout anyway, but now I’m itching to get back to the gym. And have a break from my son…ha!

    • I’ve found this one to not be greasy at all- but I think it’s all about making sure it’s thoroughly spread all over your hair (I’ve made the mistake of accidentally concentrating application on the top of my head which always yields a greasy ‘do) I’m pretty sure all Calgary Ys offer childcare..not 100% on each locations policy though!

  6. Ha – I have the Tracy Anderson DVDs too. She is ridiculous. I was enjoying them (not her) until I started having some back pain. I’m not sure if it was related to the DVDs or not, but I’ll stick to my other workouts for now.

  7. I need to try the Elixir! I have a hard time with a lot of hair products because it weighs down my hair so much. But I love Kerastase products so I’ll have to pick it up!

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