Humpday Bumpday

You guys, you guys, you guys. Do you know what is the absolute most adorable thing in the whole wide world? Baby Moccasins. Seriously. I previously hadn’t given much thought to the baby’s coming home outfit but as soon as baby moccs came on the radar, I knew I had to have a pair for him to rock home from the hospital. (I know, I know as if a newborn baby actually needs shoes. Pff. It’s his first outfit EVER so it needs to be cute. I’m banking on a warm summer so I can just have him naked for a few months. Should save us a few $$)

I posted last week some of the moccs I’ve been lusting after (you can see them here) but there is one vendor in particular that I went with because A) she’s local in Calgary, and B) several other mamas in the blog world have raved about her. So when I saw Danielle was running a spring sale on custom made moccs, I ordered right away. PS: I may have even ordered them while I was sitting in the doctor’s office ;).


Her Etsy shop can be viewed here.

Genuine leather moccs made just for my kid? Sign me up. I can’t wait to get these on our little guy! I ordered the light brown leather in size 1 and the cream in 2 (here’s to hoping he doesn’t grow out of shoes as fast as his mama did!) I’ve been told they’re pretty durable and stretch a bit with wear- both indoors and outdoors.






Layla is my shadow, so of course she had to get in on one of the photos 🙂

I’m super excited to have our baby wear these as he grows (sizes range from 1-7) so I will definitely be ordering more in the future. And guess what? Danielle has been kind enough to offer a 25% discount for readers! How awesome is that? Just use the promo code FAB25 at the time of your order.

On another note, his actual outfit should be delivered tomorrow, and I’m anxious to share that Etsy shop with you next week!

And on a third note, Tyler and I had our maternity photos taken on Monday with the wonderfully talented Whitney Cowan (yet another highly raved about person from fellow local blogging mamas). She immediately got us a sneak peak on Facebook- way faster than our wedding photographer *cough cough*- so I thought I’d share that here as well! I can’t wait to see the rest of the pics. We really did luck out with a sunny, warm March day in CALGARY of all places.


Hope you’re all having a great Wednesday, see ya tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “Humpday Bumpday

  1. I wish I would have jumped on the mocc train WAY sooner. Alison gifted us our first pair a few months ago and my little guy LOVES THEM. Who knew!

    I can’t wait to see the outfit. Liam was a TANK when he came out so his coming home outfit was too small. Oops. We had to go home and rush to pick something else out. In the scheme of things, the last thing on my mind was what he was wearing, I was just happy to be able to bring him home after his stay in NICU.

    Your teaser photo is stunning. Cant’ wait to see more. Looks like a perfect day for photos!

  2. I bought a pair for Amelia and a pair for our new niece too 🙂 they are fabulous! Now she just needs to grow into them. Love the teaser! Whitney is so talented

  3. Mocs are seriously the BEST!! You will love them and so will the little man 🙂 I am checking out this shop too 🙂
    Love, love your photos, Whitney is so talented. Cannot wait to see more!

  4. Awww love the itty bitty mocs! Sully didn’t get his first pair until he was in a size 3, but still, we love them! And so awesome to find a local shop. And her prices are great (even without the discount!). I just need to decide which colour(s) to get now, haha.

  5. So glad you got some! LOVE them. We got the same cream pair, love the chocolate ones. I want every pair! ha Such an awesome teaser photo, can’t wait to see more! You look awesome.

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