Weekend Recap

Hey there! On to another week! To recap the last few days


Thursday: My parent’s flight was delayed a ton of times, so they ended up not making it to Calgary on Thursday. Womp.

Friday: I picked up my parents from the airport around noon, dropped them off at home, then headed to my doctor appt. Per usual, everything checked out perfect- now I’m just beyond ready to get this baby out!!! O.U.T. We headed to Brewsters for an early dinner, then called it an early night since my parents got no sleep at O’hare the night before.

Saturday: Took the puppies to get their annual exams. Cough cough $450 dollars later cough cough.ย Ugh, not a good time to be on short term disability and be taking home a smaller pay check. We just hung out at the house the rest of the day and watched Taken 3 and The Wedding Ringer before bed.

photo 1-48

Sunday: Mom and I got pedicures! I only get them like once a year, so it felt great to have a mini pamper-session and make sure my toes look somewhat presentable before they’ll be flailing in the air during childbirth. We all watched the Masters for the rest of the afternoon and Tyler made beer can chicken for dinner.

photo 2-46

photo 3-38

Kind of a low-key weekend so my parents could catch up on some rest (not to mention, they’re both sick)

PS: I am not ashamed to admit that in 11 days I watched Seasons 1-5 of Parenthood. Which just so happens to be 90 episodes. What to watch next…

12 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Happy your parents made it here! Hope they feel better!
    I need/want a pedicure so bad, but never find the time. I just need to book one I guess.
    You look great!

    • Pedicures are the best- so long as I remember to shave my legs before I go. Otherwise I just feel bad for the woman doing mine. Thanks! My pics make the belly look a lot bigger than it is in person- people have been asking me how far along I am and when I say I’m due in a few days, their eyes bug out because they don’t believe it!

  2. That’s awesome that your parents are visiting! I’m sure it’s nice to spend some time with them, especially right now when you’re waiting for baby.
    I think season 6 of Parenthood *might* be on Hulu? It’s such a great show and they ended the final season just so perfectly. I can’t blame you one bit for binge watching it!

  3. Glad your parents are here – finally. Hope they feel better before baby! Those beer can chickens look awesome, so does the pedi! ha ha that’s a lot of shows – good for you!! Your fabulous by the way!

  4. That chicken looks good! Never tried making that kind before.
    Parenthood was SO good right? I’m sad it’s over. But also glad to not ugly cry on the regular while watching it. I’m catching up on Homeland now. Such a good show but I really need to pay attention or I get lost.
    How many more days until D-day?

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