Five Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Today is a big day- Whitney is coming over to take newborn photos of Wes. And Tyler and I are going out to dinner for our anniversary! (Big thanks to grandma and grandpa for babysitting for an hour or two!)

I thought I’d share my five top favorite things from the past week (aside from Wes, because he would probably win every week)

1. Hospital issued underwear. I mean, they are ridiculously comfy. I was able to snag a bunch of extra pairs from the nurses before leaving the hospital and am really sad they only last through a few washes before they start to fall apart.


2. Buttered Popcorn Rice Cakes- I don’t ever buy these but my dad picked up a few packages from the store and now I am obsessed. My mom got some of the caramel ones but I am trying to steer clear of those because I know once I start on them I won’t be able to stop. Nom nom nom

rice cakes


3. Quest Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bars- Tyler is THE BEST and picked me up a box of these so I could have some in my hospital bag (we were told the hospital food could either be bad or limited and to pack lots of snacks. Turns out, that wasn’t the case and I was actually offered a few meals with some really great options) I only ate one in the hospital, but I’ve found these bars to be PERFECT to snack on at around 1am in between feedings. Only problem? The wrapper is loud as hell so it’s pretty unpleasant for Wes when I am trying to unwrap one of those suckers and he’s on the boob.

I’m pretty pumped that we just got a $10 off coupon for the local supplement store so I can pick up another box!

quest quest


4. Juddlies Breathe-Eze Sleeper- After the first few nights of having Wes home, we realized he is not a baby that likes to be swaddled. We’ve found (for right now) the best solution is to have him in a sleeper with a light swaddle from the waist down. We also found out that we had only one newborn sized sleeper, so we had made a few trips to pick up some extras. This Juddlies sleeper is SO soft and it’s breathable, so we don’t have to worry about him sweating or being too cold throughout the night.



5. Starbucks Unsweetened Black Tea Lemonade- this is one of my summertime favorites and I’ve managed to pop into Starbucks a couple times this week because the weather was so nice it practically begged me to order it. Mmm mm so delicious.



So yeah. most of my favorites are food related. A close runner-up are some of the dinners we’ve had this week: they’ve all been yummy, summery dishes. I just love food. And having my parents in the house to prepare most of it has just been wonderful. Plus, there’s an endless supply of fruit on the counter, so I’m not complaining.

What’s something on your favorites list from this week?

16 thoughts on “Five Friday Favorites

  1. Those underwear, it made me laugh and bring back memories. It’s true, they do not last.

    My second also hated the swaddle until she was like 6 weeks old, and now at 7 months, she still likes the swaddle before bedtime even if she escapes it pretty quick. It’s weird when they do hate it as everyone says to swaddle them up real tight!

  2. I hated those underwear! lol. But everyone seems to love them!! Love black tea lemonade, I started to make something similar at home in the summer and probably drink it too much! Avery did not love the swaddle for a long time but she slept so much better in it so we kept her swaddled for almost 6 months (I think)!

  3. Oddly, I liked the hospital issued underwear. Everyone says pack your own granny panties for afterwards but I preferred those ones! So weird.

    I really like to get unsweetened passion tea lemonade from Starbucks. SO tasty and Liam loves it too.

  4. I LOVED the hospital issued underwear too! Honestly, it was comfortable and prevented me from ruining any of my own pairs haha! (TMI?)

    Have a great anniversary supper (I have no idea how to transition to talking about that now lol) and enjoy the adult conversation (even though you’ll probably just talk about Wed the whole time 😉

  5. I ate a LOT of granola bars in the first few months after Sully was born. Especially in the middle of the night or early in the morning. There were always granola bar wrappers everywhere lol!

    I would be milking every opportunity for a babysitter while you can too! I did the same before we moved to Calgary. I’m a little scared to not have my mom handy to call on whenever I need a break or babysitter! Hope you guys had a nice dinner out! Happy Anniversary!

  6. LOVED those undies!! ha ha I wore them for weeks!! Hope pics went awesome with Whit! I love that tea also, but yes, make ti at home! Hope you had an awesome dinner out! How perfect that your parents are here for it!

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