Winesday Wednesday 9/2/15

Hi there, ho there friends and happy Wednesday! Hope your week is going well…we’re now closer to another weekend! Yippee.


I did my best do drink this past weekend, but only got through 1.5 beers. WOMP. Between timing it just right in between feedings, Wes’s bedtime and MY bedtime, well….not much time to indulge. DOUBLE WOMP. (especially since my bedtime usually starts about 15 minutes after Wes’s. I cannot function on sleep that begins with anything less than an 8 in the hours category.)

The first beer I split with my mom was Fernie Brewing Co’s What The Huck.


This is one of my old favorites from a brewery in BC. I used to order this at some of the bars downtown because it’s such an easy wheat beer to drink and usually ends up pairing well with any food I order. Plus, it’s like PINK. If you ever see this on the menu, order it- you won’t be disappointed.

The second beer I split with my mom was Steamworks Frambozen


From the website: Summer in a bottle. This seasonal favourite features a beautiful rose colour with a luscious pink head, magnificent aromas and flavours of freshly picked raspberries. The addition of raspberries leaves the palate with elegant undertones of fruity acidity resulting in a clean, natural effervescent taste.

This one was new to me and I knew it would be a doozy given the ABV is 7%. It’s another pink beer and I definitely tasted the raspberries, but could also pick up a porter-like finish because it was a stronger beer. I’d say overall it was tasty, but probably couldn’t handle more than one if I wanted to get a good night’s sleep.

For your reading pleasure: It’s A Thing: Beer Jelly

That’s all I’ve got for now…this time next week I’ll be shopping the aisles of the beer store back home in New York and will have LOTS to share!

What are you drinking this week?

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