Three Things Thursday

WHOA- I’m doing a post that doesn’t start with a ‘W’ (Winesday Wednesday, Weekend Update, Wes’s monthly updates..) I just felt like blabbing a bit here while we are hanging out on the floor watching all the Pope action on TV. So here goes!

1) Let’s talk about mat leave. Or rather, 52 weeks of less pay. I am NOT complaining in the slightest because HOLY CRAP a whole year of paid leave to stay home with my baby is pretty much the best thing ever. GO CANADA! But the cut in pay makes it a bit limiting, especially now that there is another human in the household. With that, I was thinking of potentially getting involved in an online business like Beachbody as a means of generating a little bit of extra $$

200Only problem is, I absolutely cannot stand how my social media feeds are now bombarded with all the entrepreneurial (<–spelled that right on the first try!) posts. No offence to anyone! I don’t want to be a hypocrite and end up doing the same. I know, I know, it’s the best way to reach others. Only, I feel that I might do well with that type of business because I am already a very active, health-minded, and fit person. I would love to share that with others….but not annoy everyone else in the process. It’s a toughie. Please let me know your thoughts!!!!

2) I have been drinking Polar seltzer water LIKE IT’S MY JOB. (If only that were a real job which would easily help me out. See #1)


In the two weeks I’ve been home, I think I’ve consumed 8 cases. Cases. Then there’s the regular water. And the fizzy water I’ve bought while out. And the beer. Haha, the beer. (not as much as you’d think.) I do miss my sodastream at home since it’s more cost efficient, but I can’t hate that my parents have been keeping the fridge stocked with this stuff for me!

3) I am planning on a solo shopping trip for myself before leaving New York. I NEED CLOTHES. No, it’s legit you guys. First, I only brought 3 outfits + a dress with me for this trip. That’s three outfits to repeat for a month. WOOF. Plus, most of the clothes I do have don’t fit me anymore. I was out with Wes yesterday and saw so many cute things I could incorporate into my fall/winter stay-at-home-with-the-baby-but-not-look-like-a-hobo wardrobe.


I’m keeping the budget small, but I think I can do it! So long as I steer clear of the Oreo aisle in Target.

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