Weekend Recap

Yay for long weekends! (What am I talking about..I’m on a 58 week-long work hiatus! And weekends to not apply to those with young children..except for maybe a bit of extra help from the mister)


We have a routine in the house every morning. And this routine involves the dogs getting fed and let out prior to me getting Wes. However, on this particular day, I decided to get Wes before tending to the dogs and I wound up witnessing canine protest.

photo 1-75

It’s been pretty chilly/rainy here lately, so I haven’t been able to get in as many walks this week. Crap weather totally cramps my style. Besides my 30 minute workouts each day, it pretty hard to get a lot of movement in (movement that doesn’t involve going to the mall while is HELL on my wallet). I try to do stuff around the house as much as possible so I can get in a lot of steps. Oh, and stairs! Lots of those. Carrying Wes helps with the upper body too. And when the child wants to get in some exercise…

photo 2-72

Reggie only stays nearby since he’s on barf patrol. I swear to God, that dog is the most disgusting little beast. But hey, helps me out from cleaning every once in a while.

Mom made goulash for dinner and we finished watching this season of Hell On Wheels and a few more episodes of Narcos.

OH! And Wes had his first solid food ever! I added 1 tsp of rice cereal to his bedtime bottle (breastmilk) and he gobbled it like a champ.

photo 3-52


The weather really put a damper on any plans we had. WOMP. Highlights of the day include:

  • Tyler taking me to a close by parking lot and teaching me how to drive standard. Eww
  • Wes grabbed his feet for the first time! That rice cereal must be like Wheaties for babies because he was doing reverse crunches and grabbing his toes all morning.
  • We ordered Chinese for dinner and watched the rest of Narcos


Wow. We are really exciting people. This weekend is just giving me a taste of how cabin-fevery I will get in the house with Wes this winter! I had my Sunday standard breakfast of bacon and eggs then headed to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription for Wes- I took him to the doctor on Wednesday because he has really bad eczema on his neck from all his drooling. I have been using an OTC moisturizer on it which has been really helping, but I wanted to have the prescription with me since we will be gone for the next month.

Tyler and I also managed to squeeze in a date night while we had mom here for a babysitter. We went to a restaurant around the corner from home and ate like kings. Steak= LIFE.

photo 4-32 photo 3-53 photo 2-73 photo 1-76

After dinner, we went to an empty parking lot and Tyler taught me how to drive standard on his Jeep. All I have to say is thank god for automatic.

We headed home and hopped right back into our house-uniforms… PJs! We missed Wes (but the margarita with dinner was good)

photo 1-77

Speaking of margaritas…


I was a ball of anxiety trying to get things packed for our flight. Since it was our last night in Calgary, we went for Mexican and margaritas at Julio’s Barrio. PS: Their food is not good. Their margaritas ARE good.

photo 2-74

I know I’m a bit late posting for this week, PLUS it’s Winesday Wednesday, BUT our trip yesterday took a lot longer than planned and today was a bit of a wash. More on that- and a Winesday Wednesday post- to come later this week!