Weekend Recap


It was REALLY smoky out on Friday and my mom and I were getting serious cabin fever so we decided to hit up the mall (after I had a stack of my Friday protein pancakes, of course). We mostly just browsed around to waste time and get a decent amount of walking in. I don’t even remember what garbage we watched on TV that night…crazy life.


In typical Saturday fashion, we headed over to Home Depot and Costco. Wes found his voice in the checkout line at Costco and just about the entire store could hear him. He’s not cry-screaming or anything, just yelling so that he can hear himself. Thanks, Wes.

After I squeezed in my workout that afternoon, I decided to feel fancy and actually blow out my hair which I haven’t done in over a month. We decided to grab pizza for dinner and picked up an assortment of beers (per my mom’s request). I split 2 with my mom, but didn’t even finish the second. WHO AM I?!!!!

photo 1-73

photo 1-74

We rounded out the night with a few episodes of Narcos on Netflix (have you heard of it? It’s about Pablo Escobar. And it’s good!) and taking turns over the course of 2 hours to get Wes to sleep. <– That was my fault since I let him nap too long on my lap after his last feeding. Blah blah blah, whatever. He’s so cute and I just love to stare down at him and I guess I lost track of time.



Tyler watched Wes while my mom and I went to the drug store. Because that’s exiting. We took about an hour browsing each aisle (hey, I’ll milk it for all I can!) and came home with a bunch of crap. My most exciting purchase? Nursing pads. Someone slap me.

Tyler was gone for a good portion of the afternoon doing his fantasy football draft, so my mom and I took Wes for a long walk (side note: now avoiding my routes through the adjacent community since someone was just MURDERED there on Thursday. Eek). I also took the pups for a walk, did the laundry, and mowed our jungle of a backyard.


photo 2-71

I used my beloved chocolate chip cookie recipe except I swapped mini Reeses for chocolate chips. NOM NOM DELICIOUS.

That’s just about it. I have a hunch this coming weekend will be a lot more eventful, so that should be a more exciting post to read!

Oh, and this kid…

photo 2-70

PS: Do you like these posts? Want me to go into more detail? Be funnier? Less funny? Feedback, please!

Winesday Wednesday 8/26/15

Happy Winesday Wednesday, friends!


This week has been a bit rough- Wes has been a tad more fussy than usual, the smoke from the Washington fires has kept un indoors and my mom busted her glasses. So that’s fun. It’s a good thing there’s wine.

And it’s still pinot noir for me. So delicious. My mom actually picked up a couple bottles of Mark West which she said is her staple ‘bring over to other people’s houses’ wine. Good choice, ma!

photo 1-72

From the website: A pleasing mix of black cherry, cola, strawberry, plum, and soft tannins. PAIRS PERFECTLY WITH: Juicy cheeseburger, grilled salmon,or Thanksgiving with all of the fixings.

In my opinion, I think it’s a great wine on its own! But now that I read the description which includes a cola taste, I can now pick it out and see why it would be a good pairing with a hamburger. Crap, now I want a hamburger.

photo 2-69

Now if only Wes would take a nap…..

What are you drinking this week?

Weekend Recap


  • Stopped by another quilt shop in Calgary for my mom then headed to Chinook mall to wander around. My mom bought me a pair of really sweet pants. WINNING.
  • Wes got some goodies in the mail from his Oma (Tyler’s mom). The kid drools like a fountain so the extra bibs were great to get!
  • We all headed to Lowe’s and Bass Pro to get some stuff, but left empty handed. We had dinner at the food court before heading home.
  • It was the one year anniversary of finding out I was pregnant with Wes. And I thought I just had the stomach flu! Haha

photo 1-71


  • We drove to Drumheller and went to the Royal Tyrrell Museum. (aka: DINOS!)
  • Stopped at Home Depot on the way home and managed to get exactly what we needed from our unsuccessful trip the day before. (A ceiling fan and some stuff for the smoker Tyler bought)
  • Ordered pizza for dinner and watched Fast and Furious 7. Holy shit what a terrible movie.

photo 2-68


  • Mom made maple muffins. YUM
  • Lots of boring chores were done around the house. YUCK
  • Tyler made another AMAZING dinner.

photo 3-51

In the 2 weeks my mom has been here, we’ve been able to check off quite a bit on the to do/to see list AND there has been a ton off hanging around the house time. I’m also still doing the 21 Day Fix workouts and will be incorporating a couple of spin classes in the next couple of weeks before leaving for NY. I might do a recap of the workouts since a few people expressed interest- my thoughts on this and the EXTREME program are a bit scattered so hopefully I’ll be able to get it out in a somewhat cohesive post.

Ok, I’m tired. Tell me something random in the comments!

(PS: sorry for not responding to any comments on previous posts. I read them, I promise! Just haven’t found the time or energy to respond. Lame excuse, I know.)


Winesday Wednesday 8/19/15

Hi friends, happy Wednesday!


Another quick drop-in this week to share what’s been on my cocktail menu as of late. Right now, my go to is pinot noir. Weird for the middle of summer, I know. But it’s the easiest to drink (excuse me, *sip*) when I have the baby, plus it pairs well with a lot of the meals we’ve been having. And ummm… my mom wanted it when we were at Costco. Can’t say no to that!

The best pinot noir we’ve had since she got here has been Kim Crawford. It’s a bit on the pricier side, but it was SO tasty and didn’t need to breathe at all once opened. (We wouldn’t wait for it that long anyways!)


From the website:

These grapes are from some of our favorite cool-climate vineyards on New Zealand’s South Island. We’ve used a wide variety of clones and rootstock, along with a mixture of soils and microclimates to ensure a balance of flavour profiles and exceptional quality.

This wine is enticingly aromatic showing notes of dark cherries and strawberries. Partially aged in French oak barrels for the alluring complexity of well integrated oak and fine silky tannins. Aged in a mixture of French oak barrels and tank for five months. Superb with herb-crusted lamb, mushroom risotto or all on its own.

We had another pinot noir with lunch out in Banff today as well which was tasty. I paired mine with salad and my mom ordered breakfast. Totally acceptable to drink wine with eggs and toast.


What are you drinking?

Weekend Recap

Well, I waited too long again to do a weekend recap because I have no idea what we did this weekend. Hell, I don’t even remember this morning. I have been pretty sucky at taking pictures this week so even those aren’t helping to jog my memory. Here goes…

Friday: I made pancakes for breakfast and my mom made a cake (totally a belated bday cake and it’s my FAVORITE). We wandered off to Winners to shop then headed to Cochrane for a quilt pattern my mom wanted to pick up. Plus, we wanted to browse the shops, have lunch, and enjoy some local ice cream. Slight change in plans once we got there- my mom got her pattern but we couldn’t really hit up many of the shop since they weren’t stroller friendly. Also, some NASTY clouds started to roll in and we didn’t want to get stuck on a patio in the rain so we opted to head home for lunch. After a quick nap on grandma, us adults had pizza for dinner then hit the hay.

photo 1-69

photo 3-49

Saturday: We had to get up super early because Wes had an 8am appointment for his 4-month shots. Stupid me for booking an appointment at that time because we actually had to wake him up. GRRRR. He ate pretty quick, and we headed over and got the whole thing done in about 45 minutes. He cried when he got the shots but quickly calmed down and slept for a few hours on TWO different occasions throughout the day.

Afterwards, I attempted to take photos of Wes for his 4 month update then we went to Costco. It was also my last day doing the 21 day fix EXTREME and I celebrated with a beer. (OK, two beers). And fajitas. Because….well, fajitas are delicious.

photo 1-70

We managed to watch Hot Pursuit before going to bed.

Sunday: Again, not a super exciting day to round out the weekend. We had sausage and eggs for breakfast, I took Wes for a long walk around the neighborhood, and we ate ribs for dinner. There may have also been some wine involved, but I’ll chat about that on Wednesday.

photo 3-50