Weekend Recap

Yay for long weekends! (What am I talking about..I’m on a 58 week-long work hiatus! And weekends to not apply to those with young children..except for maybe a bit of extra help from the mister)


We have a routine in the house every morning. And this routine involves the dogs getting fed and let out prior to me getting Wes. However, on this particular day, I decided to get Wes before tending to the dogs and I wound up witnessing canine protest.

photo 1-75

It’s been pretty chilly/rainy here lately, so I haven’t been able to get in as many walks this week. Crap weather totally cramps my style. Besides my 30 minute workouts each day, it pretty hard to get a lot of movement in (movement that doesn’t involve going to the mall while is HELL on my wallet). I try to do stuff around the house as much as possible so I can get in a lot of steps. Oh, and stairs! Lots of those. Carrying Wes helps with the upper body too. And when the child wants to get in some exercise…

photo 2-72

Reggie only stays nearby since he’s on barf patrol. I swear to God, that dog is the most disgusting little beast. But hey, helps me out from cleaning every once in a while.

Mom made goulash for dinner and we finished watching this season of Hell On Wheels and a few more episodes of Narcos.

OH! And Wes had his first solid food ever! I added 1 tsp of rice cereal to his bedtime bottle (breastmilk) and he gobbled it like a champ.

photo 3-52


The weather really put a damper on any plans we had. WOMP. Highlights of the day include:

  • Tyler taking me to a close by parking lot and teaching me how to drive standard. Eww
  • Wes grabbed his feet for the first time! That rice cereal must be like Wheaties for babies because he was doing reverse crunches and grabbing his toes all morning.
  • We ordered Chinese for dinner and watched the rest of Narcos


Wow. We are really exciting people. This weekend is just giving me a taste of how cabin-fevery I will get in the house with Wes this winter! I had my Sunday standard breakfast of bacon and eggs then headed to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription for Wes- I took him to the doctor on Wednesday because he has really bad eczema on his neck from all his drooling. I have been using an OTC moisturizer on it which has been really helping, but I wanted to have the prescription with me since we will be gone for the next month.

Tyler and I also managed to squeeze in a date night while we had mom here for a babysitter. We went to a restaurant around the corner from home and ate like kings. Steak= LIFE.

photo 4-32 photo 3-53 photo 2-73 photo 1-76

After dinner, we went to an empty parking lot and Tyler taught me how to drive standard on his Jeep. All I have to say is thank god for automatic.

We headed home and hopped right back into our house-uniforms… PJs! We missed Wes (but the margarita with dinner was good)

photo 1-77

Speaking of margaritas…


I was a ball of anxiety trying to get things packed for our flight. Since it was our last night in Calgary, we went for Mexican and margaritas at Julio’s Barrio. PS: Their food is not good. Their margaritas ARE good.

photo 2-74

I know I’m a bit late posting for this week, PLUS it’s Winesday Wednesday, BUT our trip yesterday took a lot longer than planned and today was a bit of a wash. More on that- and a Winesday Wednesday post- to come later this week!

17 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. I may have ran out and totally copied your pants. And I may have picked them up in black too because I couldn’t decide and change rooms with kids are never fun. Except, they look way better on you and I’m not sure how to style them.

  2. Chubby baby legs! So cute. Brian tried to teach me to drive standard and it was a disaster. We don’t work well together in that sense. His mom went with me a couple times after that and I did much better. But we don’t have a standard car anymore, so I still suck

    • I’m really only learning how to do it for two reasons 1) In case I’m ever on amazing race because they always have standards and 2) if I ever need to get Wes somewhere and my car isn’t an option. Emergency situation only. Haha it’s so frustrating!

  3. Ok where are your pants from? They probably won’t look good on me since you are way taller but they look so comfy!

    I need a margarita now! Thanks for that!

    I LOVE driving standard!! I was so sad when I had to give it up for a mom-mobile aka SUV. I loved my standard cars- they were so fun to drive! It was hell learning though- I was 15 and my dad insisted that I learn. Once I caught on, I never wanted to drive an automatic but kid-friendly vehicle won. 😦

    Hope your trip back home is fun!

    Wes’ rolls are the best!

  4. Yay for date-nights! You look great! I haven’t had a marg in a while and could totally go for one (side note, speaking of alcohol, RM just called and asked when it would be considered “too early” for a beer… can you tell moving week & kitchen renovations suck?! haha). Welcome to the states, btw- here for a whole month- that’s awesome!!!

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