Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone! This weekend has been busy!


Wes got up a bit earlier than normal (went to bed earlier the night before) so I got about an hour of alone/snuggle time with him in the morning. He wanted to hang on to his blankie, so of course I melted and just stared at him the entire time.

After breakfast, Wes put himself to sleep in his jumperoo for the second day in a row! He jumped and he jumped and he JUMPED nonstop until he passed out. Once asleep, I got him into the stroller and took an hour walk!

photo 1-80

I managed to squeeze in my workout while he napped in the afternoon. And run to the grocery store to snag some ice cream. Funny how the only times I’ve gone out without Wes since being home has been to buy ice cream or wine. #goodmom

photo 2-77

photo 3-56

After my parents got back from running a few errands, we headed over to the balloon festival! Of all the years my parents (and me for some of them) lived in upstate New York, i somehow have never been.I was also pretty pumped that I could share the experience with Wes..not that he would remember it, but for photo evidence.

The balloons were supposed to launch at 5pm, but the winds were too high and most only really ended up inflating or flying a low small trip to the other side of the field.





















photo 2-78

Oh, and they were handing out free gelato…

photo 1-81

Oh, and happy birthday Amy!!


It was another early morning with Wes! After feeding/eating, I quickly packed our bags for the road trip to MA, busted out a cardio workout and showered. We were on the road by 10:30 and i had my usual road trip snack of beef jerky.

photo 3-57

photo 4-36

We settled in for a bit once we arrived at my cousins house. I fed Wes, then got back on the road with him to meet up for dinner with my friend Ashley. We decided on Not Your Average Joes and I lucked out big time because I ordered a delicious chicken entree AND got to eat it with both hands! Ashley so graciously hung on to Wes ย and walked around with him for a bit since the dude likes to MOVE.

photo 1-82

Bedttime was a bit tricky because I needed a dim enough light in our room (I shared a room with Wes) and nothing seemed to be doing the trick. After much baby-swaying and light-debacling, I wound up using a color-changing christmas night light and Wes was knocked out. PHEW.

Also, Happy birthday Tyler AND Layla!!! Wes and I are bummed we are not all together to celebrate!


Happy Birthday to my mom! I felt bad that we didn’t have a nice opportunity to celebrate but we ate least carved out some time in the morning to have coffee on the porch. I have been off of coffee for about 4 weeks now, but decided to splurge on some good ol’ Dunkin.

photo 2-79

Wes had some mat time while we hung out on the porch and I got to enjoy a delicious protein packed brunch.

photo 3-58

photo 4-37

I then had to quickly get ready and get myself out the door to head up to Athena and Tim’s wedding in Manchester, NH! I originally planned to stay at the hotel with my parents and Wes in Manchester, but couldn’t pass up my cousins offer of her house since she has a 2 year old and lots of leftover baby-things we could take advantage of (and of course, to see her was nice as well!)

The wedding and reception were both beautiful and it was great to see some of my gym friends. Downside: I didn’t take a single good photo ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


photo 3-59

photo 2-80

photo 1-83

The food was DELISH and I even participated in some of the Greek dancing!


I’m a huge debbie downer and hardly drank anything so I could make the drive back to Winchester (windy back roads of NH are tricky!!) I felt awful for ducking out a bit early since this was the whole purpose of my trip to the states, but….mothering duty calls i guess!

Once I got back, Wes had just fallen asleep downstairs so we quietly- and in the dark- had some birthday cake for my mom.


I desperately wanted to sneak in some baby snuggles since my parents said he was missing me, but I didn’t dare wake a sleeping baby!

Today (Monday), we’re having a slow morning before packing up and heading back to New York.

How was your weekend? PS: I typed this whole post with oneย hand. #talent

5 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Those balloon pics are so awesome and Wes is just too cute. Looks like he was loving life!
    PS. Major talent! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. What a busy weekend! Love the photos from the balloon festival. Sounds like Wes is the most easy going baby ever! That’s great that he’s so adaptable to new situations. It will continue to make travel easy ๐Ÿ™‚ And yes, typing posts one handed is definitely something to be proud of ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. looks like a fun weekend!! The hot air balloon festival looks like a very intense situation! glad to hear the wedding was fun- I caught up briefly with Mary in class this morning ๐Ÿ™‚ wish i could’ve seen you during your short MA stint!

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