..From the Week

Some highlights from the week (10 points for anyone who actually reads the whole thing):

Lazy Monday morning! Lazy= jumping in the jumperoo (Wes) and eating lots of peanut butter (me) while watching the Today show (both of us). Short walk, iced coffee, dinner at Outback, quick cardio workout, champs and a late night chat with my friend Amy at her house. PS: I didn’t get back home until almost 1am. Note to self: that’s a stupid thing to do.

photo 1-89

photo 2-85

Ugh. I forgot to ask for a plain sweet potato. The poor thing was drowning in butter, brown sugar and cinnamon. Our waiter seemed to lack any personality or enthusiasm, so I didn’t dare ask for another. 

photo 3-64

Perusing the cocktail menu. 

photo 4-40

Amy gave me these awesome products to try out on Wes..

photo 1-92

Still crappy weather on Tuesday, but we got dressed and headed to Saratoga Apple to pick up some apples, peaches, and the beloved CIDER DONUT. Noms. Oh, and we picked up some free coffees at Dunks on the way!

photo 1-90








photo 2-86

Can somebody please remind me to do my hair every once in a while? I hate having all these pictures with my hair up, I look like a goon!

The rest of the day was pretty boring- we went grocery shopping, I worked out, dinner, and bed.

I was NOT in the mood to do my workout and was SO annoyed with how often friggin Shawn T repeats himself in the Insanity workout. Reminded me of Eddie the echo (remember him?)

Wednesday: Winesday Wednesday! Check out my latest post which features Common Roots Brewing Company here.

I think Wes is going through a growth spurt or something, because the dude woke up at 4am AGAIN to eat. At least he went back to sleep for a couple hours afterwards, but hot dang does it throw me out of whack to get up at that time. After our standard morning routine, my dad and I drove down to Saratoga to walk around the mall (one of the few remaining options when it’s pouring out and you get cabin fever!) I managed to pick up a good amount of stuff for Wes and checked out a local natural market.

photo 2-88

PS: Wes now wears mostly 18-24 month clothes. PPS: In case you were wondering, Wes is only 5 months old. He’s a big boy.

After returning home for lunch and having some visitors over for a few hours, my mom and I went on a craft trip to Joanne’s and Hobby Lobby. I swear to God, I could buy everything in HL. EVERYTHING.

Ok no, that’s a lie. There is a lot of Christian themed stuff in there. Not my cup of decorating tea.

We had pulled pork sammies for dinner and Wes jumped for another 42 hours in his jumperoo (while testing out his new hat!) That marks the end of Wednesday!

photo 1-93

photo 2-89

Before going to bed, I upgraded my seat on the flights back to Calgary to Economy plus…just for the extra leg room. Tyler upgraded our seats for the trip out, and I thought it was definitely worth it- especially for a large, wriggly, lap-riding baby.

Thursday: Glory glory, Wes slept until 7:15! After breakfast, I threw Wes is a fleece onesie and got him into the stroller for a walk. The rain has been nonstop for the past few days because of Joaquin, but this morning was pretty dry and sunny so I decided to get out there ASAP before any more rain came.

photo 2-90

photo 3-66

photo 4-42

I had to snap a pic of the signs that have been posted along the bike path because it made me laugh out loud

photo 1-94

..you know, in case anyone was gonna call the cops on a group of dude in colonial garb carrying muskets..

My mom and I went down to Saratoga to check out Kohl’s real quick and I walked out with two full outfits for Wes for $20! Snack plate for lunch, another visitor at the house for a couple of hours, then I made a trip to Walmart to stock up on ice cream and goldfish. #priorities.

photo 5-25

Before bed, I ran the bath and had Wes test the waters (to prep him for his swim classes back home!) We multitasked and I took a bath with him. He loves the water so much, and I can’t wait to see him in the big pool!

photo 2-91

I’d like to say I’m looking forward to the weekend, but two things are preventing me from doing so:

  1. No one in this household has any obligations. My parents are retired, I’m on mat leave, and Wes refuses to work. So M-F is the same as S-S.
  2. It’s the last weekend in NY before flying back to Calgary. I can already feel the gagging of tears.

And there will be no more of this willy nilly->

photo 1-95

Two mega stuf Oreos smushed together. I die.

16 thoughts on “..From the Week

  1. Ah, love the photos of Wes in the buffalo plaid vest and ball cap, he’s adorable! And I LOVE Kohl’s! It’s such a great store and you NEVER pay regular price for anything there. I can’t wait to shop there when we are in Florida (even with our crappy dollar I still think clothes will be cheaper from there).

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