Winesday Wednesday: Common Roots Brewing Co

I really think sometimes I should just call it Beersday Wednesday because I tend to share more beers than wines. Especially when I’m home because there are just so many beers to try! Doesn’t have the same ring to it though.


Last Wednesday I ventured out to South Glens Falls to check out a new brewery, Common Roots Brewing Company. I actually found out about the place when I was at the beer store a few weeks ago and chatted up the cashier for a few minutes. Thank goodness I did, because I really liked the place!



Of course, since I had never had any of their beers, a tasting flight was the obvious choice. They had 8 beers on tap (check out the link to their site as previously posted) and we could choose four for our flight. (only $5! Insert super excited/happy/drooly emoji here)

photo 1-91

photo 2-87

My mom and I both got the same 4:

  • Haus Sour- I loved this one! I have yet to see a sour beer in Alberta, but I do remember trying one in Seattle last summer. It’s an easy drinker and I think it’s a great beer for those who aren’t normally beer drinkers.
  • Coffee Cup- This one was pretty good. It was a bit hard to get down because of the high alcohol content, but I could really taste the cold press coffee and the fact that it’s from a local coffee vendor is even better!
  • Spinner- I really like this one because of the grapefruit in it. Still a bit tough for me to thoroughly enjoy since it is a pale ale.
  • Daylight DIPA- Yeah, not sure what I was thinking when I chose this one since I’m not an IPA person, but it was neat to at least try their take on it.

photo 3-65

I made sure Wes was wearing his Pint Sized shirt for out visit and the brewers got a kick out of it.

photo 4-41

photo 5-24

While we were there, we were advised a local food truck would be there on Friday, so my mom and I made sure to come back! If you checked out my Weekend Recap, you’ll remember I had that AWESOME pulled pork quesadilla with my beer. Mmmm so good.

I know for a fact if I didn’t live so dang far away I’d be frequenting this place. The brewery was made up really nice and I saw on social media that they offer extended hours for football games, trivia nights, gears and beers, and even yoga! I’m actually hoping to make it to one of their monthly yoga sessions before heading back to Calgary. Umm yoga + beer= googly eyes.

What are you drinking this week?

Have any local breweries near you? Please share!

6 thoughts on “Winesday Wednesday: Common Roots Brewing Co

  1. My schedule has been nuts so no drinking as of yet this week…maybe tonight!

    Actually…I still have some red in the fridge that I really enjoyed, it’s a blend and it’s called Red Splash from California. It has merlot, syrah and some other stuff in it. It’s fantastic.

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