Three Things Thursday

1. I got back into the habit of falling asleep to watching Netflix on my phone in bed each night. (does that not sound like the worst sentence ever?! pff) Well anyways, it works because it’s taken me four nights and I’m still only 8 minutes into One Fine Day. That’s about 2 minutes a night and BOOM, I’m asleep. PS: I love watching old rom coms because flip phones? HAHAHA


2. I have been loving my workouts lately. I feel so proud of myself for really giving it my all. Most of my workouts are from Beachbody (21 day fix, 21 day fix extreme, insanity, t25) but there’s also some spin in there and LOTS of walking every day. LOTS. The Beachbody is great because they are quick and effective workouts that I can do without really having to think. Something that really comes in handy when my brain is already fried from having a baby in the house.

So guess what? I just weighed myself the other day and I’m 20lbs less than what I was pre-pregnancy. But the weight all came off from one place: my butt. No joke. All my clothes fit the exact same except for the hiney-region. (I attribute about 90% of it from breastfeeding and the other 10% from lack of binge eating/drinking as in pre-baby days. Or maybe it’s the other way around.) It’s kind of gross because my butt looks like how someones belly looks like after losing a TON of weight. It’s also pretty gross that there was an extra 20 lbs back there. But it makes me laugh because that just shows how big my butt actually was. Ok, I’m going to stop saying butt now. Butt.


3. I’m craving girl time like WHOA. I miss hanging with friends! Especially when it involves wine and not talking about baby-related things (although I am guilty of somehow always bringing the conversation back to Wes). I find that I am in such a better mindset when I get a couple of free hours to just be me. And what better way to be me than to do it with friends? Unless I’m getting a mani/pedi or massage, then that is definitely better.


What’s your favorite old rom com?

What’s your favorite thing to do with friends?

10 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. Too funny about your butt! 😉 I always loose and gain in my boobs first, and hate the gain part there!
    You watch shows on your phone? I have never thought of doing that lol!

  2. I am craving girl time like WHOA too! It’s been a year+ since I moved away from all my friends and I’ve YET to make any new local friends. That’s pretty much why I started blogging. 🙂
    One Fine Day is one of my favs. Cute cute George Clooney.

  3. Pretty sure breast feeding steals your ass because mine is gone too. It’s flat like a pancake now, haha. I read the sentence about watching old movies because of flip phones and I thought you meant to used to watch movies on your flip phone…I was like how the heck did she do that?! Doh!

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