Friday Facts

  1. This week has been rough! Not sure if I can pinpoint just one thing-> Wes has been fighting his naps; Christmas shopping is a b*tch; mailing things via Canada Post is the work of the devil; my body is sore/tired all over….I could go on and on. But I remind myself it could always be worse. So I’m thankful. Plus, Wes’s cuteness helps me forget all that.


2. My Christmas ornament from Shannon via the blogger swap came in the mail this week! I really do love it AND the hot cocoa she included as well. I told Tyler we need to throw some Baileys in it after Wes goes to sleep this weekend. (Unless I’m sleeping myself, ha!)

3. My work recently switched benefit providers so when I logged into my account through them online, I noticed I still had a decent amount of $$ left within my paramedical expense allotment. 30 seconds later, I had booked a 90 minute massage! I enjoyed that sucker last night and did NOT want to leave. I asked the therapist for full/deep pressure and she sure did deliver.


4. No GREAT meals to share this week. We had Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada Soup on Mon/Tues, meatball subs on Wed (mine’s deconstructed because soggy bread= gross), and I had BAE after my massage last night.

5. Wes is mastering sitting up on his own! I hover LIKE A BOSS because I don’t want him to cry when he’s shocked he’s fallen over. And he now fits in his Teepeetotsandco mocs! I am really excited about this for two reasons: 1) I bought them this time last year when I had no concept of how big/small babies could be and thought he’d wear them as soon as he was born, 2) The kid needs something besides socks to keep his toesies warm during the winter!


6. As of this week, I have officially joined the my-coffee-is-always-cold-because-I’m-a-mom club. I can’t drink it HOT HOT, but then I always forget to drink it because I’m dealing with a baby who NEEEEEEEDS me.


(mug can be found here)

7. Most all of my Christmas shopping is done for the boys. I also bought us all Xmas jammies (shhhh don’t tell them) which are wrapped under the tree. WELL….the ONE present for me that is under the tree (the jammies) was attacked by the beagle. Darn dog. I have no idea why. He hates me? The clothes aren’t damaged, I just need to re-wrap them but I think it’s some sort of omen. Also, Tyler needs to do more shopping for me 😉 PS: You’re a mom when you wrap your own xmas present, amiright?

That’s just about it on this end! I’m sure there’s more, but I need to take a few more swigs of my (cold) coffee before anything comes to mind! Have a great weekend everyone!