Wesley Arlo- 8 Months

So old. I’m telling ya, the time just whizzes by. And now that I have an 8 month old, there is SO much we can pack into each day. I LOVE IT.


Ok, so what is this big boy up to these days? Well, he’s still in size 4 diapers but I think we’ll be upping him to 5s on the next pack. He weighs 22/23ish pounds (I try using the scale at home which never seems to be super accurate) and is about 28ish inches? Give or take.


He can now finally sit up on his own and I don’t have to be right behind him for support or backup. WOOHOO. Which means he can play with more toys- his car included. If you don’t follow me on Instagram you probably should at least check out my feed for some of the funniest videos of him riding his car. And the kid loves to dance. He wiggles around like a madman!


He eats A LOT. Boob 2-3x a day, 2 solid food feedings, some water, puffs and a bottle of breastmilk/formula before bed. Currently, he consumes about 3-4 squeeze packs of food. I’ve found this to be cheaper than buying organic and making it myself, especially with keeping a wide variety of fruits and veggies in his daily diet.


Naps. Woof. Those have been a bit trickier since he seems to have picked up on the cue that bringing him in his room and turning the white noise on means he has to sleep. He will eventually do it, but sometimes with a bit of a fight. Most times, he will fall asleep in my arms in about 5 minutes, but we have had to let him cry it out and then he’s out like a light! 2 naps a day ranging from 45 min to 90 minutes and on a rare occasion 2ish hours.


Bedtime= 7pm

Wakeup time=7:30am

These vary about 30 minutes.

Play: he no longer cares to be on his activity mat so that and his bouncer have been put away (sad face). If he’s not obsessively jumping in his jumperoo or jolly jumper, he’s sitting in the living room with his blocks, tables, walkers, stuffies, blankies and books.


He’s gotten a lot better at picking things up and transferring them from one hand to the other. And most everything goes directly to the mouth. The germaphobe in me dies a little each time.


Just recently, he’ll even grab the spoon from me to either A) help feed himself or B) fling everything everywhere.

Oh, and now that he can sit up on his own, he’s in the tub without the insert! It makes bath time way more fun for us and for him because he will splash and look around and play with some of the bath toys we have for him. And then not want to get out.


On shopping trips, I’ve learned after a few scream sessions that he prefers the ergo to the stroller and HATES when I try on shoes. <—Tyler must’ve taught him that.


He’s not as drooly anymore and still no signs of teeth.


Wes loved the doggies and pats them but neither of the dogs are big fans. Layla is still always nearby and comes in with me each morning to get Wes from his crib.


He talks A LOT.

And screams (for fun).

And bangs on the windows when we stand in front of them.

He makes loads of silly faces and farts really loud and LOVES looking at himself in the mirror and looking at pictures of himself.

He is the best kid ever and I love him more than anything and everything and all the things combined. xoxo


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