Random Things Thursday

Hey there, everyone! How are you doing? I’m having a hard time keeping track of what day it is since the holidays always throw me for a loop plus Tyler is home all this week. But I’m glad it’s only Thursday (just had to check the calendar again to make sure) and Wes and I have a few more daysof him home with us.

So, some random stuff to share with you today- hope that’s ok. (They’re actually my favorite kind of posts because I don’t have to sound cohesive at all. Phew!)

I loaded my 2015 Best Nine montage on Instagram. Turns out pregnancy and baby photos are pretty popular. Glad the post-delivery donut made it in there too 😉


Costco now carries a jumbo pack of Honest Co. body wash + shampoo. I’ve already used it on Wes and I can’t believe how soft it makes his skin and hair! I’m jealous and want to use it too. It’s a sweet orange vanilla scent which you can smell straight out of the bottle, but becomes very light and natural smelling once used. So nice since I don’t really want Wes to smell like an orange?


I FINALLY used the Essie Sleek Stick appliqués that I received for Christmas a few years back. They were super easy to apply, but they don’t last too long- I felt like I had to avoid doing certain things so they wouldn’t peel off. But they’re really cute. (I don’t think they make them anymore?)


We headed to the mall yesterday and I scored a couple of Nike running shorts for $10 each! I bought three pairs of these YEARS ago and absolutely love them- but never bought more since I couldn’t justify the regular price tag (hahah I gag writing this because I’ve managed to buy $$$$$$$$ in Lululemon since, but that habit has been kicked. Thank God.) The best part? They don’t ride up when I do cardio- something I have never experienced before. LOVE. And you’re welcome for the grainy crotch shot with the Terminator/Alien poster background.


Of course, I have to throw in some pictures of Wes for good measure. I snapped a pic of him yesterday while he was eating because I think it might be the last gummy smile pic I get before his bottom teeth pop through. Is it bad that I am massively depressed about him getting teeth? I want him to stay a baby forever.

Oh right! I chose a winner of the ookpix giveaway (where WERE you guys? I expected way more entries…next time people…next time!) and the winner was KORI! You need to send me a pic of the canvas once you get it!

And then there’s some recent eats. Nothing fancy because we’ve been pretty lazy.

Before I go, I have to ask for some feedback- MAKEUP REMOVER. What kind do you use?! I’ve always used the bottle of Maybelline remover with a Q-tip, but just tried some Neutrogena wipes and really like how wipes work- but I cut them into 4’s so I can stretch out the package. Anyone have any recommendations on what I should try? Preferably something natural? I’m all ears!

Happy New Year’s Eve!