From the Week

Icy Conditions + Desire to spend approximately ZERO dollars = we didn’t do much this week. Besides walking the dogs (which was an absolute nightmare) I didn’t leave the house. Except for Monday when we went grocery shopping and then I broke a jar of salsa in the garage when we got home. That was fun.

Still, there are things to share! I suppose.

Passed out on the job:


Eats from the week: Turkey BLTs, Grilled Cheese & soup, Taco Stuffed Zucchini Boats, Salsa Chicken.

I made Double Chocolate Chip Cookie bars that were delicious. I used this recipe but subbed white chocolate chips for semi-sweet chocolate chips. I baked them for 15-ish minutes. They’re gone already!


I also made slow cooker applesauce which is out of this world delicious. 12 apples + 2t cinnamon + 2 T lemon juice on HIGH for 4 hours. MmmmmMMmmm.


Wes is eating a LOT more ‘regular’ food which is pretty great, because I can just throw stuff on his tray and eat my own meal while he helps himself. Granted, he makes a MASSIVE mess, but it’s fun to see him do it. His current favorite is pb toast and bananas. Kid hoovers them in! Plus, he’s gotten a kick out of feeding the pups with his pb fingers.



And we did a LOT of riding on the car. (PS: Check out my Instagram for this week’s #WesOnWheels)


His second and third tooth (bottom left and top right) are making their way through so he’s gotten up in the middle of the night 2x this week. Luckily, he was easily calmed back to sleep. BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN IT WAS SO EASY FOR ME Y’ALL. (PS: Why do I say y’all? I’m not southern) Anyhoo…tonight I’m enjoying a glass of the good stuff.


And that’s it! We have no set plans for the weekend, so I’m hoping to just get in some good ol’ quality time with my guys. And maybe lots of shut eye.

Grab a Drink: National Beer Hall

It’s no secret I love craft beer. Heck, my relationship with Tyler started on the basis of craft beer! We love it so much, Tyler at one point even brewed it at home (we’re not so good at it, so we’ll leave it to the pros).¬†

When I first moved to Calgary in 2012, I was looking for a place that not only had an amazing selection of beer, but that also had good food and a fun vibe. Enter: National.


I first found National on 17th while out with some new friends and it has since been one of my go-to spots when going out for drinks. Their location on 10th ave is in walking distance from my job, so that place was frequented more than 17th ūüėČ

From their website:¬†Our original location, on Calgary’s bustling 17th Avenue, has been a popular hangout since its doors first opened. Long, communal tables and ample seating make it the perfect place to meet new people, and to gather with friends for a late breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The food menu is big and well-considered, and dishes pair well with our curated selection of craft beers from small North American brewers. A huge oyster bar and robust wine & cocktail menu round out your options. This location also boasts a lively, sun-drenched patio in the warmer seasons.


PS: There are actually FOUR National locations- 17th, 10th, 8th, and Westhills. I am eager to check out the other two!

My friend Susie turned 30 on Saturday, so we headed to National on 17th for a few beer flights. We were immediately greeted by some awesome staff members and snagged a pretty sweet table near the front windows.

You guys, the beer selection is huge. Like, it’ll-take-you-forever-to-make-up-your-mind huge. Luckily, the staff is pretty darn educated in the stuff and can throw out some recommendations (insert hallelujah hands here).


We enjoyed 2 different flights (12 beers total) ranging from pale ales to stouts to sours to wheat beers. I think I can say with confidence I would order pints of about 10 of them- two just weren’t my style, but that could be because the taste was altered after following a different beer?



National has 2 features that I absolutely love:

  1. They have several monitors mounted about the bar that display all available beers. It is constantly rotating to show the different beers AND it shows their province/state of origin. NEAT!
  2. The long, sturdy picnic table seating. It makes for a great way to socialize with others. Plus you can squeeeeeze more people in if need be.


Once we finished our flights, the birthday girl chose a round of cocktails for us: Hound Dog Hooch (vodka, pink lemonade, wheat beer). They were pretty tasty and a nice palate cleanser.


I could have stayed at 17th for the remainder of our night, but we decided to head on over to the 10th location for some beer and BOWLING! Unfortunately once we got there, the lanes were all booked. We ended up staying there anyways and having another drink (or two…) to round out the evening.



Once I get my ‘going out’ mojo back, I’ll be sure to head back to 10th to get my bowling (and beer) fix!

Favorites From the Weekend

Hi there, everyone! How was your weekend? Ours was good, but man oh man did it ever fly by! I need one more day with Tyler home with us, please. Family time > any other time. Rather than recapping the weekend, I wanted to pick out some of my favorite things. Ready, set, go…

I bought these¬†shoes. Not counting sneakers, I think this is the first pair I’ve bought in about 2 years! I’ve avoided heels for a while, but I was finally really to bite the bullet and get some cute booties. Now we’ll see how many times I actually wear them considering my mom uniform is PAJAMAS!


Wes’s new toque! I won an Instagram giveaway for¬†Lil Fox Shoppe and opted for the marble double pom. We picked it up this week (she’s local to us in Calgary) and it fits him perfectly! I still can’t believe Janelle got this made for us..she just had a baby! Hard workin’ mama. Check out her shop- she makes gorgeous knit blankets, hats, and scarves. Now I want one for myself!


National.¬†This is one of my favorite places in Calgary for craft beer. We went to both the 10th and 17th locations on Saturday to celebrate Susie’s birthday and it did not disappoint. The beers we sampled were really delicious and the atmosphere was great. More on them later this week!


Tyler painted our bedroom! I am SO happy to finally be rid of the nasty brown color that was in there from the previous owners. We went with Behr Marquee’s Distant Star and now the room looks bigger and brighter. I’m still working on getting the room decorated, so no good photos¬†yet. The newness of the room makes it feel like we’re sleeping in a hotel room…now to update the ensuite…


Wes! I stayed overnight at Susie’s on Saturday and I missed my little man something fierce. I woke up at 5:30 and wanted to drive back home, but decided to wait until it was light out since it snowed a bit and I wanted better weather conditions. I couldn’t get in enough snuggles on Sunday.


How was your weekend? Any favorites to share? 

Five on Friday

(in my best Oprah voice) It’s FRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! Man, I love me some Fridays. Since I somewhat did a recap of the week with my post yesterday, I thought I’d share a few random tidbits with you today.


  1. Lately I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night sweating my butt off. So here’s my thought: yeah, I’d LOVE to kick my leg out, but this 29 year old is still convinced a monster hand will grab me. The result? I stay covered, sweaty, and awake.


2. Yesterday I built a light box. I’m pretty freakin’ stoked to take cool photos of stuff. My first subject? Donuts. I actually made them just so I had something to take a photo OF. I’ve still got some tweaking to do, so if you have any suggestions send them my way! Also, I love donuts.


3. I was walking the dogs the other night and randomly started thinking about my favorite songs. Like if I had to name my top five favorite songs OF ALL TIME what would they be? Tough. So tough. I know this is my no. 1 jam of all time (why, I have no clue. It just is). The rest are a toss up. If I had to chose, maybe…. this, this, this¬†and this. I am so weird.


4. Remember that spin bike I bought a couple of months ago? Well, it finally got its designated spot in the basement….and it is currently a clothes hanger. So I’m technically using it.


5. Usually when I can’t sleep, I scroll through my phone for anything to read on any social media. Before I know it, I’m on the Explore Posts tabs of Instagram and good God ya’ll I can’t handle it. If it’s not snaps of the most adorable dogs ever, then it’s of delicious food. Or babies!. Ohmygawdddd the babies. I get sucked into the black hole and oogle over stranger’s babies like their my own. They’re so cute! Then I scroll through my own photo reel (99% of which is Wes) and bawl myself back to sleep. A mother’s emotional outbursts are no joke, I want to squish all the babies..mine included. (In a good way, of course).

What is your unusual favorite song? 

Happy [freakin’] weekend!

Thursday Things

It.Is.Almost.The.Weekend. Even though my routine isn’t much different on the weekend, I’m still excited for it. Mainly because A) I stay up later on Friday and Saturday nights (oooooo badass) B) I have an adult beverage or two, and C) … Continue reading