Hey there! Hope you had a great weekend! We’ve already put all the Christmas decorations away and boy does it make the house feel so naked. Sad face. I bet it’ll be a blink of an eye and we’ll be taking them out again for next year so I can’t be too bummed about it.

Backing it up a couple days to recap the weekend (although hardly anything happened!)…

Friday: The new year started off on a pretty regular note. I got up with Wes and we hung out until Tyler got up and I could whip up some of my usual Friday pancakes. The past few days, I’ve been giving Wes some puffs to snack on after I get him dressed for the day. Super dangerous considering there are two extremely snack-hungry pups in the house, but they’ve both been surprisingly good with it and only snagged a puff here or there- usually with consent.







In the afternoon, I simultaneously worked out with watching the most recent season of The Mindy Project while Tyler began organizing our file cabinet (soooo needed, you have no idea.) Then pizza for dinner because umm.. we couldn’t think of anything else to have.


After Wes went to bed we watched Everest. Of course I got super curious and spent about 45 minutes searching the internet for pictures of the actual people and reading about them.

Saturday: Woof, it was a rough day. I got up and did Wes’s usual morning routine then headed back to bed for a nap when Tyler got up. Around his morning nap time, he wouldn’t really go down so after 45 minutes of trying, I decided it was as good as skipped. After he had lunch, we headed out to buy some trim for the house and he wound up falling asleep for a bit in the car.

Once we were home, he was irritable again and dinner/bath/bed time was pain in the hiney- he was just very whiny and we couldn’t figure out why! I only got one good picture of him playing which happened to be in the 15 minute time span that he was in decent humor.


Mucho Burrito for dinner- an easy go-to when we have zero desire to be in the kitchen.


Because naps were pretty much non-existent, he went to bed at 6:45 then I took the dogs for a long walk. We watched a few episodes of the latest season of Homeland before going to bed.

Sunday: Well it made sense why Wes was having such a crap Saturday. The kiddo woke up with a runny-as-heck nose and a bit of congestion. I’m pretty sure I can see one of his bottom teeth starting to poke through too.

I spent the morning wiping his nose and doing everything possible to keep him happy. Seemed to do the trick (PLUS- I was able to sneak in a 15 minutes nap while he napped!).


BAE Sundays are the best 😉

Although he was showing obvious signs of a cold, he was taking it like a champ and had fun playing with his toys throughout the afternoon. He took another nap at his usual time and I was able to workout and walk the pups.


FYI: I always eat dessert before dinner. Today, I enjoyed a (way too small) piece of chocolate cappuccino cheesecake that Tyler made. HOLY HECK IS IT GOOD. Then, I made a hodge podge bowl of quinoa, pulled chicken, sautéed veggies and cashews. YUM!

We watched some of the football games downstairs while I organized the rest of the file cabinet. Exciting, I know!

That’s it from our end! Tyler is back to work tomorrow and I have decided to start seriously looking into childcare options for when I go back to work in April. BARF.

How was your weekend?!

21 thoughts on “Weekender

  1. Urgh we have to tackle our filing cabinet this week in preparation for the move! I am dreading it. Avery always got a runny nose and congested when she got teeth too!

  2. Good luck with the search for childcare. It’s one of the hardest things I think. I’m so happy that after one horrible day home, Liam is at the perfect place. I couldn’t imagine him going anywhere else!!

    Is Everest on Netflix? Where do you watch new shoes from? I miss Homeland!! I haven’t seen any of the new season.

    Hope Wes feels better quick. Sick kiddos are no fun.

  3. We tackled our junk drawer this past weekend so I feel ya on the whole “it needed to be done” thing. How was Everest? I kind of want to read the book before I watch the movie, but seeing as how every movie is made from a book nowadays, that’s getting harder and harder to do!

    Good luck with the childcare search 😦 Let’s get together soon!

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