Hi there, ho there friends! How was your weekend? Ours was great. Not a lot happened and it went by FAST. Backin’ it up….

Friday: Well the day can’t start off that bad when you’ve had 10.5 hours sleep! I had a little extra pep in my step throughout the day and it felt glorious. We had pancakes for breakfast, took a walk in the afternoon, enjoyed burgers for dinner, watched a bit of TV and hit the hay.




WAIT, THERE’S MORE—> I was feeling overly ambitious and whipped up a batch of Rocky Road Cookie Bars while Wes napped. Combine the smell of those babies (the cookie bars, not the actual baby) in the oven with an hour of wonderfully fresh air afterwards on our walk and I was in heaven!




Saturday: If you’ve been reading for a while, then you can probably guess how Saturday went. Home Depot and Costco. THRILLING. We bought so much meat, we’re in meat debt. Except we’re not really in debt because you can’t pay by credit card at Costco. So that means we’re meat…rich?

Oddly enough, the only photo from the day is a combo of my favorite beer + my favorite human.


I took the dogs for a super long walk through murder town. It’s what I refer the neighboring community as since there was a murder there last summer. It’s not dangerous in the least bit, but I’m paranoid city and opted to jog off and on. I don’t know why I told you that, it’s a better community than the one I live in and they have better walkways.

Tyler made pizza for dinner and if I wasn’t beer-full, I would’ve probably eaten the whole thing. It’s so good. I’d invite you over to try some, but that means we’d have to clean the house and BAHAHAHA not happening.

Sunday: I’d like to rename it BAEday. It has a good ring to it PLUS bacon and eggs are the bomb dot com.

Besides the usual laundry, workout, walk, blah blah blah, I also made a slow cooker pot roast.


That’s pretty much it from this end…Ok there’s more but I don’t feel like typing it right now. Time to catch up on Mindy Project and paint the ol’ digits.

How was your weekend?