Well, this weekend was SUPER low key. Almost did nothing! Tyler has this week off so it’s nice to not feel rushed after the weekend- even if it was a three day weekend!

Friday: Pumpkin pancakes to start the day. I used the last of my maple syrup jug! Sad face. I may or may not have licked the remaining syrup off my plate 😉


And that is the only photo I took of the day! haha. The rest is just same old, same old–> I worked out, walked the dogs, picked up around the house. Wes napped, ate, pooped, napped, ate, pooped. Thrilling day I tell ya.

Saturday: The day started off pretty darn slow. I ran a couple of errands while Wes took his morning nap then presented him (a day early) with some Valentine’s day goodies. He was super thrilled as you can see.


We went to Costco in the afternoon then rounded out the day with a delicious pork tenderloin dinner.


I also enjoyed a beer…with a baby in the background!

We watched Bridge of Spies then went to bed.

Sunday: Another slow as molasses day. Lots of cuddles with my little guy in the morning and I squeezed in a workout, shower and some breakfast while he was down for his morning nap.


The sun was a-shinin’ so bright I NEEDED to get Wes out of the house to soak up some good old vitamin D! We walked down the street to the swings for a hot second.






Boo sported his brand new Will & Co toque and loved it! Know how I know? He didn’t even once try to take it off. #winning


Funniest part– he looked as if he was falling asleep on the swing for a few minutes. Tyler thought we could get him down for a nap right after, but my mama instincts knew that wouldn’t be the case. It’s so cute though I have to share a small video of it:

Wes on the swing from Jen Linton on Vimeo.

I took the doggies for a long walk to get more fresh air while Wes napped again and wound up with a fresh air headache. Does anyone ever get those? They hurt.

Got some pics of my handsome little Valentine





posing for the ladies 😉

SOMEONE *cough cough Tyler* didn’t acknowledge Valentine’s Day (the girly girl in me is bummed out there were no chocolates or flowers or even a Happy Valentine’s Day) but he did make pizza for dinner, so that makes up for it. Well, makes up for 10% of it. I still want chocolates. And flowers.


We watched The Walking Dead (so romantic) and I called it quits. I don’t know how I’m so tired when my fitbit tells me I averaged 8hr 54min sleep this past week!

Monday: Typical morning. After Wes’s nap, we headed to Cross Iron and Tyler’s mom got him a bunch of new clothes. I packed my lunch for the ride!

 We were there for a couple of hours and Wes did really great.


While he was down for his afternoon nap, I posted his 10 month update and took the dogs for a nice run/walk.   Tyler spoiled us for dinner with smoked steaks. SO YUMMY! (And he did buy chocolates at the mall, so he’s partially excused for the Valentines mishap) We watched The Good Dinosaur then went to bed.

How was your weekend? Have any chocolate? Wait, don’t tell me. I’ll get jealous 🙂