Wesley Arlo- 10 months

That one year mark keeps creeping closer and closer and I don’t like it one bit. Well, I do love watching him develop and learn new tricks, but I miss my teeny tiny little baby. I can’t believe it has been ten whole months! Double digits.


He wasn’t in the happiest of moods while I tried to snap his 10 month photos this morning, but I think I got a few.

He weighs about 23 pounds (home scale) and wears 18-24 month clothes. He’s got three teeth- both bottom front and his top right. Size 5 diapers. And really big socks so his circulation isn’t cut off…#cankleproblems.


Eats: He still breastfeeds every morning, but he hardly gets anything so it’s almost immediately supplemented with solids. 3 meals a day: his favorite breakfast is peanut butter toast and a half a banana (Every day. That’s a lot of bananas!) he gets cheese and fruit and veggies and a meat (if we have any leftovers) and some cheerios, and dinner is somewhat the same as lunch. He’ll polish off a squeeze pouch if he’s not satisfied with the solids we’ve given him. 3 bottles a day: between 4-8 oz in each. He’s a really easy eater. I have him cauliflower and broccoli and pickles and pork and he’ll just pick them up and eat them like it wasn’t a big deal.


Sleep: We’ve finally started letting him put himself to sleep. Most of the time it works, but there are occasions where we’ve had to go in and soothe him. On a typical day, he will nap twice, ranging from 45min-80 min, and will sleep through the night for 12-13 hours.


In the past month, he has really tried to get on his knees to crawl. So far, he’s pretty much mastered the roll and will get from one side of the room to the other in a flash.

He’s learned to clap his hands and can even give me a high five when I ask for it! Of course, I always ask for his left hand, so that’s the only hand he’ll use 😉


He babbles a lot and only really says ‘dada dada’ which is totally unfair considering *I* should be the favorite parent, right??

He loves shaking his toys and has a favorite book that I’ve check (and re-checked) out of the library. It’s about a puppy and the last page is a lot of WOOF WOOF WOOFs and when I read it he laughs so hard. Speaking of laughs, he’s ticklish! I love getting right into his underarms and he’s SO CLOSE to making a belly laugh I cannot even stand the cuteness of it.


He loves to play with the blinds. I blame this on the fact that I’m always looking out of them for the mail person each morning. He loves his reflection and high fiving himself in the mirror. He LOVE LOVE LOVES his car (remember to check out my Instagram for #WesOnWheels) and will cry when I take him off.


He’s getting a lot better at actually petting the dogs rather than smacking them. Layla could care less so long as she’s nearby, but I think Reggie appreciates the more gentle approach.


He loves his baths and splashes so hard that it looks like I also took a bath with him. I put him in a laundry basket in the tub and keep the basket in the bathroom when we’re not giving him a bath so it makes for a makeshift playpen when he has separation anxiety and I have to pee 😉


He’s an overall amazing little boy. He does like to have me close by or in sight at all times which can get a bit tiring. Big boy=big whines. You know that clip from Dumb and Dumber when Lloyd asks if they want to hear the most annoying sound in the world? Well, that would be Wes’s constant whining. I’m not complaining though, because we have it pretty darn easy.


In case you missed it: