Thursday Things

Hi friends and happy Thursday! I feel like I have SO MUCH to share and now that I’ve finally sat down to type it all out- I can’t remember any of it. Grr. Wait? It’s Thursday already? How the hell did that happen?!

  1. So June is quickly coming to a close and that means the 21 day fix & 21 day fix EXTREME Challenge packs are only discounted for another few days. I am currently in week 3 of the 21 Day Fix EXTREME myself and have been absolutely loving the workouts. Plus, I’ve been coupling it with chocolate Shakeology a few times every week and boy does it ever make a difference in my energy levels and digestion!


Side note: Why did I lay a shaker cup of CHOCOLATE liquid on my carpet?!! That’s just stupid.

Side note #2: I’m not sure which Beachbody workout to thank for these guns, but DANG.


2. I made an insanely delicious batch of Double Chocolate Trail Mix Cookies the other day and I seriously have come this close to having a Miranda (from SATC) moment and throw them in the trash and cover them with dish soap. Please tell me at least one of you knows the episode I’m referencing??



So delicious. I decided to make these cookies because I had a huge bag of trail mix lingering in the cupboard and I figured what better way to plow through it than to incorporate it into a chocolate cookie? Bahaha, I’m so smart.

3. On Tuesday, I had been invited to the soft launch of one of Calgary’s newest breweries: Trolley 5. I originally thought it was going to be a small brewery, but it turned out to be a 4 story BEAUTIFUL brewery + restaurant. I went with my friend Susie and we were able to sample (and by ‘sample’ I mean drink full pints) of a few of their brews. The place was jam packed but we managed to snag a couple of seats that faced out over 17th ave. Because it was more of a party type event, we drank our beers and ducked out, but we will definitely be going back in the near future to enjoy more beer and food for sure.



4. Wes has taken a serious liking to the pups. I still have to be nearby whenever he approaches Reggie because well, Reggie’s an a**hole, but the kid is just always clambering over them and bumping into them and patting them and laying on them and using them as stepstools to get onto the couch.



See that? That’s the look of holy-shit-get-this-tiny-human-away-from-me. From both dogs.

5. I have TWO giveaways coming up and I am so excited to share them with you! One is baby/toddler/child related and the other is alcohol related. Pretty much sums up my life right there. So be on the lookout here and on my Instagram so you don’t miss out! And with that, I’ve leave you with a couple random photos:





4 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. those cookies look delicious! Roberto just asked why I haven’t been making any treats for us lately… uhhh hello, dude, we are getting married in 6 days- I’ve been a little busy! hahah

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