Wesley Arlo- 9 Months

Oh man, where do I start. Nine months. 3/4 of a YEAR. Whoa, that happened all too fast. This past month, I think my baby got on the big boy highway and I need him to slow down ASAP. (doesn’t every mom say that?)


Today, Wes had his 9 month check up and weighed in at 21.7 lbs and 29.1″ long. They’re not SUPER accurate, but at least it gives me a ballpark. (His next round of shots are at 12 months and they are way better at weighing and measuring him there!)

He’s in size 5 diapers (they’re huge, but he fills them. I bet he’s glad I told you that). Most of his clothes are in the 18 month range, but it depends on the brand. He hasn’t been going through sizes as quickly, so it has been way better on my wallet. But way harder on the washing machine 😉


Eating: still breastfeeding 2-3x/day, 2 meals of baby food/puffs/smoothies, and a full bottle before bed. He’ll have some water here and there, too. We’re starting to incorporate more foods he can eat on his own, but I want to make sure he’s still getting enough calories for that big belly!


Sleeping: A 45ish min nap at 10:30am and an hour-ish nap at 2:30pm. Bed is anywhere from 7/7:30pm-7:30/8am without interruptions. EXCEPT this past week where he has been waking at night for a feed (growth spurt?!). He’s used to being held until he falls asleep which usually takes no more than 5 minutes.


Play: He’s still obsessed jumping in the jumperoo. OBSESSED. He’s also really enjoying a ton of new toys he got for Christmas. His finger dexterity is getting a bit better so he can actually play with the toys rather than smack at them…even though that’s what he does most of the time.


Tricks: He will ‘hoo’ when his toy owl does, he can blow raspberries, and he uses his hand to blab with his mouth. Sounds boring, but I promise it’s super hilarious to watch as his mom :). He loves to take off his bib and chew on the velcro part. Or just wave it around like it’s the most interesting thing in the world.


He has been trying to crawl lately! So far, he’s only managed to get one knee up so most of the time he’s rolling like a bowling ball all over the floor. Note to self: start looking into buying baby gates. Note to self #2: baby gates will also be great for the dogs. Why didn’t I get them sooner?


And teething! Whoa. His front bottom right tooth finally broke through on Friday January 7th and the thing is razor sharp. No wonder kids have a hard time with teething- it’s like knives in their mouths! With teething comes drooling- as you may very well notice in most of these pictures.


He’s still really good in the car and prefers to be carried in the Ergo as opposed to the stroller when we’re out running errands. I don’t mind it so much because it’s hard as hell to push a stroller through snow-packed parking lots.

He’s getting better and better with the doggies (and vice versa). Some mornings we have some puffs on the floor and Layla is his best friend. Reggie, on the other hand, has eaten entire canisters of puffs so he’s not allowed near us when we eat. BUTTHEAD.

I’ve noticed Layla will come in his room when I am in there with Wes, and Reggie will go in his room when Tyler is in there with him.






He still loves being on the change table, although he’s about an inch away from no longer fitting on it. Still doesn’t love stuff going over his head, but giggles like a maniac when getting everything else done (diaper, pants, socks..).

He loves to be bounced around, thrown in the air, and swung back and forth between my legs. Basically, he’s fun-loving and adventurous. I can already see his dating profile now. No wait, he won’t ever date. He’s my baby!


He’s mama’s #1 fan. Do you know how happy that makes me? VERY.


He is so happy. Except when I have to use the snot sucker…then he hates me for about .000002 seconds. So I make it up to him with snuggles and kisses. And bath time is one of his favorites! We spend a good stretch of time in the tub with his bubbles and toys and floating books and he loves to splash. Side note: I actually got in the tub with him once because A) I was cold, and B) I wanted in on the fun, too!


He’s so observant! Everyone we’ve met has commented on how much it looks like he’s soaking everything in. (And then they’ll try to hold him at which point he will cry until he’s back in my arms, but that’s a whole other story..) He can recognize the different rooms in the house, loves looking (and patting) himself in the mirror, and staring at his night light. Why he thinks me turning it off every morning is the greatest thing ever, I’ll never know.


He’s the best little boy (ahh I said it…’boy’. He’s no longer a baby! I’m so sad. I’m crying. Please pass the wine) and I get all tingly just thinking about how lucky I am to have him. Borderline obsessed since I scroll through photos of him on my phone every night before bed.

I’d like to think that his next monthly update will tell of how he’s crawling and gobbling more foods, but then that means another month has gone by and it just needs to slows the heckkkkkk dowwwwwwwn.


I love you Mr. Wes, you’re the best little guy! (He’s not reading this now, but I’m sure he will eventually…)

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