Weekend Recap

Well sleep is officially no fun anymore because I am super uncomfortable. At least Layla got up with me at 4:30 this morning and joined me for a few handfuls of multi-grain cheerios in the kitchen.

So this weekend was fun. Again, it’s pretty hard for me to jog my memory on what the hell we actually did, so I’ll do my best!

Thursday: Had my weekly doctor appointment, picked up a pump at the wine store (to de-gas our pinot grigio) and napped a lot. It was super exciting. I also watched SO MANY episodes of Parenthood. As of right now, I’m halfway through season 3 already. Hashtag I need to get a life. Hashtag this is my life and it’s pretty friggin awesome considering I haven’t put a real bra on in about a month or so. I picked up some wine from the nearby liquor store (I saw on twitter they were having a huge sale, so of course I needed to check it out) and we had an awesome steak dinner. PS: The more butter in mashed potatoes the better. We rounded out the night with a few episodes of Bloodline and some popcorn.

photo 1-43

photo 3-35

Homemade kettle corn: 1/4 c coconut oil; 1/2 c kernels; 1/4 sugar, sprinkling of salt. NOM NOM NOM


Oh, and I did some creeping online and found the Medela breast pump that we wanted was available at Target (in the US) for $150 less than Canada (I think there was an advertising error because I just checked again and it’s marked back up in price) AND my mom’s friend got her employee discount since she works there so my mom ended up getting the pump for $200 less!! Also, the final price is still a TON of money, but um….yeah I have no reason to justify it but we are REALLY excited about it. Unreasonably excited considering it’s a BREAST PUMP.


Friday: Let’s just call this a wasted day. More napping and Parenthood while Tyler replaced the spark plugs on his truck. And I think that’s about it.

Saturday: We picked up new baseboards to replace in the living room/kitchen then I made carrot cake cupcakes and Reese’s pieced cookies to bring over to Susie and Frankie’s. (recipes for both can be found here and here). We had a DELICIOUS dinner over at their house and ended up staying and chatting until way too late! Sidenote: I’ve HAD to shower before bed every night this whole pregnancy- which includes nights we come home from friends houses at 1am. Woof.

photo 4-23

photo 5-15

Sunday: Parenthood. We finished Bloodline (anyone else watch it?). Laundry. Painting. Napping. Smoothies. Eggs benedict. Puppy snuggles.

photo 1-44

photo 2-43


(the beagle couldn’t be bothered- he was napping)

That about sums it up! Lots of house-stuff to do before my parents get here on Thursday!

How was your weekend??

18 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. I remember when sleep sucked! I actually slept better after I had Avery!
    Your smoothies always make me crave one. But I’m too cold all the time lol.
    I always shower before bed too, no matter when I get home lol

    • I know! I could NEVER drink smoothies unless it was summer time, but I just love this stupid vitamix so much that I make sure to have a ton of blankets handy or to do a bunch of stuff around the house to keep my blood pumpin’!

  2. Sounds like my kind of weekend (well minus the uncomfortable sleep and the excitement over a breast pump). But I spent most of mine being pretty lazy and watching my way through seasons of that 70s show.

    I haven’t watched any of Parenthood, I’ll have to give it a go.

  3. Sounds like my kind of weekend (minus the uncomfortable sleeping and excitement about the breast pump) but mine was spent being lazy and watching a tonne of That 70s Show on Netflix.

    Maybe I’ll have to give parenthood a try next.

  4. Score on the pump, I got mine off Kijji for $120 and then my sister ended up giving me hers..HOT DAMN…but man those things are pricey so good for you..oh and don’t ever apologize for your parenthood obsession, I can literally watch 8 episodes back to back and now my husband watches it too….I am not looking forward to the last season..I dont’ want it to end!!! Looks like an awesome weekend !

    • It’s about a family in Key West and one brother is pretty messed up and gets the whole family involved..first couple of episodes are slow but it really picks up and now we’re anxious for the second season!

  5. Wow it’s almost baby time!! Nice deal on the breastpump!!!!

    Those cupcakes look yum. I just gained weigh looking at your picture though.

  6. Awesome job on the breast pump! Your weekend looked delicious. Always do. Sleep sucks when pregnant for sure, it will get better even though it will get chopped up! I love parenthood, so so sad it’s over!

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