Lots of Dog Pics

Yesterday, I bundled up and took Layla for a walk.


I haven’t taken her for about a week because it’s just been too crappy out. It was still pretty bad yesterday- even the pup was slipping on the ice- but she needed to stretch her legs…

and roll.

Beware this post is heavy on the dog pictures.






I was kind of having a down-in-the-dumps day. The weather was yuck, I didn’t feel like doing school work, I ate too much candy, AND I was stressed about gym stuff (more in a sec). I told Tyler, and this was his response:


Yup. He basically TOLD me to go buy Lulu! I originally planned to swing by the mall after teaching my class, but I was sweaty and it was cold, so I am going as soon as I finish this post! :):):):):)

Ok, so the gym thing.


Le sigh.

So, if you’re new to this here blog, lemme give you a quickie recap.

  • I taught 4 classes/week  at the Boston YMCAs when I was living in Boston (Core, Muscle, Cardio Ball)
  • I was certified to teach Cardio Kix/Cutz from Corpbasics
  • First Aid/CPR certified
  • ACSM cPT (certified personal trainer)

When I got to Calgary, I found that I could not get a paying job until I had my PR card. (Which is still not going to be until May/June/July 2013). Also, the positions at the Calgary YMCA’s are unpaid. So, the fitness director who I befriended allowed me to teach outdoor bootcamps downtown throughout the summer. She just recently gave me my regular indoor circuit class on Wednesdays, and the personal training department ‘hired’ me to teach a registered TRX class.

I had also been on the list for certification courses that were the equivalent to my American certs. Unfortunately, the courses have been barely offered, so I have been able to complete only ONE CERT since living here (I still need a Fundamentals certification to teach group fitness, and I need to CHALLENGE the cPT exam which is so stupid because I have my cert through the ACSM which is a program that the YMCAs here REFERENCE. doh)


My fitness director friend accepted a job elsewhere, so I no longer have a buddy working at the Y. AND she informed me that since my certs are still not up to date, I have to have a moderator present at each of my classes.

Basically, a babysitter.

It’s liability issues.

And don’t even get me started on the music that we can/cannot use in classes.

I basically got fed up. Not only was I now leaving my house 90 minutes prior to class time so that I could drive the 4 miles downtown and park 1 mile away from the gym (for free parking) then trek ELEVEN FLIGHTS of outdoor stairs to get there, but I couldn’t get the certifications in a timely manner due to THEIR scheduling, and I have to have a babysitter? AND not get paid? No. Not good.

So, unfortunately, I had to go to the director yesterday and tell her that I could no longer teach classes.

Do you have any idea how hard that is? It was my 2 hours a week of being able to be around other people and teach them what I love. And get in a great workout.

But I don’t want to be on thin ice with liability issues until they can offer me the proper certifications. Then, as soon as I get my PR card, I am going to a private gym for a full-time PAID position.

It didn’t help that I was having approx. ONE PERSON attend my Wednesday classes each week,


On a happier note, this was my little monster when I got home last night:


I may or may not be back later to share a couple recipes, potential purchases at the mall, and the workout from last night’s class! 🙂


So this was…

So this was my day. It started icky, with a good I’m-never-getting-out-of-bed session:

Followed by an even longer must-get-up-must-get-up session, and off to a vet appt for Layla baby. She was diagnosed with Lyme disease in Boston and had been on antibiotics for the past 30 days, so I wanted to make sure I got her checked out to see how she was doing and where we’d go from there.

Turns out, she’s only a carrier, but so log as she shows no signs or symptoms of the disease, we don’t need any further treatment. AND, because Alberta is quite a different atmosphere for disease, she doesn’t need to take heart worm meds! My wallet and I are very happy. As a treat, (and for our sanity at home, read: tappity tap tappity tap) I had her nails trimmed. Girlfrann got her nails did, y’all.

If she knew about my blog, she probably wouldn’t be too pleased I posted a picture that’s awful close to her privates, but she IS a dog and she OFTEN sticks her pooper in my face to show affection, soooo…….

We got home and I was craving veggies in the worst way. I’m telling ya, my body is whack today. I have an owwie belly to start, then it wants veggies (aka: bloat bites)!?!?! Rude.

I listened anyways and threw together some mushies, peps, and basketballs (brussel sprouts). Sure enough, I was back under the covers and back to moanin and groanin. Sorry, boy readers- I’m just tellin it like it is. Tyler does win boyfriend of the year award, however, and here’s the proof:

A) I would’ve eaten them anyways
B) I don’t know why I had to put his last name in my phone. I guess on the off chance I have a Rachel-McAdams-in-The-Vow-moment.

Per usche, I made third meal. Quinoa, saw-seege, ‘maters, and spinach. Hit the spot.


After, I went to the Y for a little cardio (just what I needed after a day full of veggies. Not) and to take the Barbell Blast class. The class was super low-impact and not really what I was looking for, but at least now I know. I’m thinking of doing my own circuit session tomorrow then taking spin. Weeeee shall see.

That’s all for now. I have been told it’s lights out time, and I can only write so much while propped on my elbows and the covers over my head.

I’m looking to get a bit more feedback from readers, so I pose you these questions:
Does anyone still buy from the concession stand at movie theaters? Do you sneak in your own stuff? Or take nothing at all?

Peace, I’m out.